Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Citizen J. at the SPP


Jennifer Smith (b/w our own Alison).

What more could you ask for in your (real) up close coverage of the protests in Montebello from somebody who was actually there, in the thick of things.

A couple of excerpts......

First, Ms. Smith's statement to Mr. Harper written immediately after she drove home, with her son, from the protests:

"I'm still processing everything I've seen today (yesterday, I guess), so I'll be saving most of my more coherent thoughts for tomorrow (today), after I've recovered from the six hours I just spent on the road.

For now, I have something to say to Stephen Harper:

Sir, you are an ass.

There were far more than "a couple of hundred" of us at Montebello today. I'm sorry if you found it "sad", but we just wanted to talk to our Prime Minister. You will not meet with us face to face. You will not allow our elected representatives into your meetings with foreign leaders and corporate executives. You won't even allow us to voice our concerns through the parliamentary committee set up to provide some semblance of oversight into the supposedly insignificant machinations of the SPP.

This is all we have left to us."

And here's one that was a caption to a photo of six police officers straight outta Dystopia (go see it!).

"Could they guys look any more like Storm Troopers? Maybe if we painted them white. I cannot tell you how disturbing it is seeing dozens and dozens of these guys lined up along the street in a small Canadian town. They even had then stationed around the cemetery."

Is this Canada?

Our Canada?



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