Saturday, June 07, 2014

Springtime Jukebox...Tune #2: Emmylou.


A while back littler e. told me about the Soderberg sisters.

They're two young kids from Sweden.

And they blew up on the interwebz a few years ago when they did a pretty amazing bit of harmonizing on a cover of the Fleetfoxes 'Tiger Mountain Peasant's Song'.

Which somehow led them to sing more harmonizing cover stuff that made ol' curmudgeon's like Paul Simon shed a tear or two, for real.

Turns out, though, that they had also been doing their own stuff all along.

And somehow, maybe it was because she fell in love with 'Bright Eyes' at the age of 13, the younger of the two, Klara, developed this thing about the cosmic cowboy/alt dot country genre.



Here's the thing.

I never seriously considered covering/recording a First Aid Kit tune (that's their stage name) until a few weeks ago when Bigger E. got me to hum and strum along with her to a wee little mover and shaker of theirs called 'King Of The World'.

And then I did that Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris thing last week.

Which is when I decided to give the Soderbergs' follow-up/go-back tune on the matter of Ms. Harris and Mr. Parsons (and more) a go.

It's called Emmylou.

And it's got way more than just 'technique' in it, I think....

littler e. and her friends are going to see the Soderbergs later this week...At first they were booked for the Rio, but that's been moved up to The Vogue, presumably due to demand...Regardless, I don't think anybody round here will be seeing them in a venue that small for awhile...
And, ya, you do know the world is unfolding like it should when your kids are bringing you new music to listen to and fall for...Next up?...Well, I've got the geezers hooked on a bit of a Jake Bugg follow-up/go-back tune as well...This one's from the 'lectronic division...All of which just means that...The time has come to finally by a telecaster, for real....Kids today...Sheesh.
Photocredit of a simultaneously cold/warm Stockholm...Slight Chance Of Pixels.

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Anonymous said...

Nice one pops!

RossK said...

Been working on my guitar playing...