Sunday, June 29, 2014

This Longish Weekend In Snookland...Peter Fassbender, Zombie Maker.


Teacher Glen Thielman had the story first, and he gave it a name on his blog.

And now even CTV, via Jonathan Woodward (looks like he managed to slip in some actual news while the bosses were off for the weekend), has picked the thing up.

It's called 'Zombie Summer School':

School administrators are struggling to understand an order from B.C’s Labour Relations Board about B.C.’s teachers strike that appeared to make summer school go ahead – but for possibly zero students.

The interim ruling appears to make summer school for students who failed a course in grades 10, 11, and 12 an essential service.

But it also appears to specify that those students must also not be able to take the course in the fall semester. It may be inconvenient for students, but nearly all students have the option of taking any failed courses next year, said Vancouver School Board Chair Patti Bacchus....

{snippety doo-dah}

...(T)he ruling, posted Friday night, declared summer school to be an essential service for the students who are in grades 10, 11 or 12 and failed a course.

“These are students who cannot take the failed course during the following school year,” said LRB Vice-Chair Richard Longpre.

That’s a problem, according to Richmond School Board vice-chair Eric Yung, who said his administrators will be meeting Monday to figure out which of their students are meeting that criteria.

“We’re not quite sure how to deal with those provisions. We might have to find a way to screen the students,” he said.

Prince George teacher Glen Thielmann took the point further on his blog, arguing the only students that would fit the criteria are the ones who won’t be alive for the fall semester.

“When you set up a scenario where the only students who can take summer school aren’t living, you’ve entered into a different kind of reality for sure,” he told CTV News...

And isn't it interesting that good Mr. Richard Longpre is once again speaking for the LRB on this matter.

As Norm Farrell has already noted, no conflictyness there.

No siree.


Interesting comment by 'sheepster' on the Twittmachine opining that this deal is a cooked goose designed to get support workers, who will be paid, regardless, back into the schools...



Anonymous said...

The real shame here is that we have our school system being governed and ruled by the LRB.

RossK said...

Thanks SH--



And we all know what happened after Mr. the LRB's Mr. Longpre helped the Knotty Gordians to pull a similar stunt back in 2002.