Monday, June 16, 2014

Want To Keep Track Of Latest Developments In #BCED?

With context, too?

Follow the old labour reporter who won't quit (he even screams at the herd telling them what questions to ask)...

Rod Mickleburgh



G West said...

Hi Ross:
Can't seem to get that link to work....Just back from 6 weeks in Italy so I'm kind of out of touch.

RossK said...


You might have to sign up for the Twittmachine feed to see it...Sorry about that.

('only' six weeks in Italy?)


G said...

Only 6 weeks - sadly - although it is nice to get back home, I'm not used to academic rigour these days - especially at temperatures of 34 - 39 every day for most of the last 10 days.
I'll live without the Twitt machine...hope all's well with you - looks as if Norm Farrell has been busy while I was away.

No worries!