Monday, June 23, 2014

What's Going Down With Vision?


It would appear that voting for the Big Tent Party's parks board nominations just may have been pre-determined by tiny puffs of smoke released from a tiny tent located deep within the bowels of the machine.

Raymond Tomlin, who gave us an inkling of what was coming last week, released a teaser on the situation last night (and promises to have more later today):

"...Just as VanRamblings predicted last week, the New Voices, One Vision slatetrounced those candidates running to secure a spot on the Vision Vancouver Park Board slate — who had not been identified by the party as supplicants to party interests, over the interests of Vancouver citizens who actually give a damn about parks and recreation in our city — to be certain, that would be most of us, although Vision surely doesn't give a damn..."

And can somebody remind us why, exactly, Sarah Blyth has left the tent entirely?

Mr. Tomlin promises to have more up later today...


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