Monday, June 23, 2014

The Motivations Of Mono-Synaptic Minister MacKay.


We reckon the Galloping Beaver's Dave is pretty much on the money:

...What's motivating this mono-synaptic twit?

He sold out a "big tent" party (which admittedly had been shredded by Mulroney) to a bunch of intolerant, racist, small-minded, knuckle-dragging, low-life fascists just to get a seat at a particular table. This is not someone motivated by a sense of public service.

Could it be that Peter Mackay is so dumb that he believes he can outlast Harper and, because he sold out his once centrist party to the Calgary republicans, that he is the anointed monarch?

Please ... he can't be THAT stupid.

And can you imagine what the forever frat-boy would give away on the international stage if he were, somehow, anointed to actually run the country formerly known as Canuckistan...

Heckfire - I reckon he would just give away all of Northern Alberta to the fine folks from Beijing if they asked for it.

And if the steely-eyed Russian promised to trade a half-ownership in the Vladivostok team in the KHL we reckon the mono-synaptic one would give away the Yukon in a nanosecond.



Kim said...

Nanosecond. Is that like a New York minute? I can see the election ad. MacKay. He's THAT stupid. M'Kay?

the salamander said...

.. think of Peter MacKay as somewhat of a male version of Christy Clark.. Both dress well, as they can afford to, and their role requires such. Both are known for affecting a certain portion of electorate based on physical appeal plus the aforementioned nice clothes.

The talent level is sub minimal.. but the glibness! Both are chock full of it. They cheerfully lard their speech with deceit and conceit.. and as such fit perfectly with the prime needs of The Harper Government.

MacKay is a short step from the lead role in a remake of Being There .. a Chauncey Gardener but with a snivelly deceit and entitled streak that's stunning.

Clark deserves her very own sociopath themed movie.. how she has not been revealed before Alison Redford fell apart publically is a mystery.. or perhaps she is surrounded by such deceit, that hers barely stands out in the crowd.

Like Harper, Clark just games and grooms government.. why prorogue if you just don't open legislature? MacKay just dreams of such command, control and licence to game a province or country.

Both need to end up dressed in orange coveralls.. as well as Harper.. and other complicit political jackals
Disgusting failures as Canadians.. truly depraved crooks

Bill said...

Hi Ross

Bang on personality profiling by the salamander, although obvious to all paying attention except for the Main Stream Zombies.

RossK said...

Thanks All--

(and thanks Anon)