Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Is It Time To Take The Mangy Old Cur That Was Once The Top Dog Out Behind The Barn...?


Well, according to the latest Lotuslandian book it just may be.

Harvey O has the story:

"...The old daddy, CKNW 980 A.M. …once the Top Dog … is now a tired, old pooch, judging by the BBM numbers.

NW comes in NINTH with a measly 1.9 ratings points in the 18-49 younger generation of radio listeners … and this surprised me … TWELFTH even in the wider 25 to 54 age category..."


How long will it be before the geniuses at Corus decide to go for a format change - say to an all 'News' format to complete with uncle Ted's non-stop wire-story babble up the dial?


Almost as interesting as Mr. Oberfeld's post itself is the comment thread attached to it.

And, after what went down last weekend, I found this one, from 'Michael', particularly interesting.

...The immaturity of the “Producers” on Phil and Bill Show is mind blowing.They are always whining about a self Perceived Injustice in their tiny lives...

To which Harvey responded:

We MUST say it. The Emperors of Radio today are wearing no clothes …and someone has to tell them: certainly wont by the kids they hire!So WE do by dwindling ratings and commentaries and comments …not aimed at being nasty …just keeping it real, trying to help them.And we know they spend lots of doing listener surveys too. But are they listening? When they go from first place to twelfth …we can be forgiven for wondering!

And then there is the matter of how Mr. O's willingness to speak out about the slide of the old guard, both on the longwave and on the TeeVee has gotten him thrown out of the club.

...I have personally paid for my outspoken critiques … like being tossed off the Webster judging panel after I wrote about the media and being persona-non-grata at my old station (26 years there!)...


There you have it.

As our old friend Ian Reid used to say, there really is a club, and not only are you and I not in it but even those that are/were once in like Flynn know that they will be thrown out if they dare speak up and state what the real problem with the proMedia is 'round here.

But, having said all that, here's what I'm really wondering...

When is that ratings book on the Lotulandian linear type pro-pundits going to drop?



e.a.f. said...

You're showing your age, "in like Flynn". Haven't heard that for along time. Made me laugh. Perhaps you could explain to your readers what that actually means. Most of them don't know.

karen said...

Hey now, e.a.f. I say " in like Flynn." Taught my kid to say it too. (Of course she gets looked at a little oddly by her university mates at the other end of the country...)

RossK said...


I think eaf may be referring to old Errol's penchant for swordplay.

Personally, I like to think of it as the old NYC wardheeler thingy wherein when Boss Flynn gave something the nod all the sycophants genuflected and did exactly as told to stay in the 'Club'.

So, just who would the local lotuslandian fakeGrit equivalent be, I wonder?


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I'm still a listener to the Two Headed Top Dog. Their slide was greatly hastened by their unwillingness to pay top dog dollars for broadcasting Canucks' games - their only bait for young listeners.

RossK said...


Not to mention the killing off of Mr. Russell's 9-midnight show in favour of the work of that young Bill Good wannabe.

And, heckfire, at the other end of the demographic spectrum...I'm still mad at them for killing off the (very cost effective) ghost of Jack Cullen and his Owl Prowl in the overnight hours.