Friday, June 27, 2014

How To Become A Lawyer In Just Four Days.


In case you missed it, Gordon Campbell was in Kamloops last week.

To receive, wait for it....

An honorary law degree.

Here's the lede from the CP report:

Former B.C. premier Gordon Campbell finally has a law degree — more than 40 years after he abandoned the effort and forged a political career.

Campbell received an honorary law degree at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, where he addressed 71 students at the law school’s inaugural convocation.

“It’s a great honour,” he said in an interview Saturday, when he was one of seven recipients of an honorary law degree.

Campbell said he lasted four days at the University of B.C.’s law school in his early 20s...


Four days?

Why, that makes Ms. Clark's forays in academic tourism in Edinburgh and Paris (after dropping out of SFU) look like twin PhD's in comparison.

Imagine that!

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Don F. said...

It all can boggle the mind!! Honorary yet.

RossK said...


I wonder...

In Mr. Campbell's version of law school...

Can a certain proficiency in 'Boggle!' be used as a pre-requisite for entrance rather than, say, grade point average?


Anonymous said...

Great line ... "forged a political career."

Just satin'