Thursday, June 26, 2014

This Day In Snookland...How Do You Lock Out An Essential Service?


It's a good question, eh?


How come no one in the Lotuslandian proMedia is asking it?

The question actually came up, via Bruce Mitchell, in the comment thread to Harvey O's latest on the further dismantling of the 'nolonger' Giant 98...
Interestingly, when the stuff about cost-of-living waivers came up back when there were still negotiations going on, retired labour journo Rod Mickleburgh screamed at his former colleagues from the Twittmachine feed to ask the question...They didn't...But the bctf answered anyway...



Anonymous said...

Another question that seems to have been overlooked, is the provincial government looking to balance its budget on the backs of teachers?

Would explain a lot.

Anonymous said...


You can delete, but you can't hide:

Eli Westinghouse ‏@WestEli Jun 21
@keithbaldrey deletes his calling out of teachers. I guess that's a retraction. #bced #bcpoli

Anonymous said...

Maybe there are a whole bunch of TFS (temporary foreign students)who have payed $$$ to attend Lotuslandian summer school?