Monday, June 02, 2014

Obfuscation For A Temporary Foreign Worker Program-Addicted Nation.


Alison has the latest chapter of the story over at Creekside.

Her post starts like this:

Dear CBC Power and Politics : The next time you invite Harper's former director of communications Geoff Norquay onto yourPower Panel to reflect on the issues of the day, I think it's time you mentioned that from November 2012 until Sept 2013 he was a lobbyist for Tim Hortons to :

..."increase the number of foreign temporary workers allowed into Canada under the Foreign Temporary Worker's Program"... 

And it ends with (at least one of) the real reasons Microsoft came to Canada.

Go read it all.



Don F. said...

I tape power and politics every day
,if geoff norquay is on the power panel I don't watch it, nor Alise mills nor Stockwell Day.
Just my way of preserving my own sanity.

Anonymous said...


It is one thing for the Conservative brain trust to believe they can condition Canadians to accept that no one wants to take on low-end service jobs.

However, only a deluded, over-confident and well-practiced social policy massager would take a breath-taking leap of faith in assuming they could fill Microsoft with temporary foreign tech workers. Surely they must have realized that Canuck techies and their sympathizers have the means and motivation to expose and shame those with micro and soft, grey matter?

ps don't miss the Daily Show's Sam Bee take on Liberal vaccine resistors: