Sunday, June 29, 2014

Canada Day Abroad...One More Disastrous Private-Public Partnership.



That's right.

Canada Day celebrations in New York and London are off due to lack of 'sponsorships'.

The CP's Ethan Lou has the story:

London's Trafalgar Square and New York's Central Park won't show any Canadian love on Canada Day this year -- no real-life Mounties, no street hockey games, no performances by Canadian musicians.

A lack of sponsorships has prompted organizers to cancel the annual celebrations just five years after Canada Day International -- previously run by the government -- was transferred to Rainmaker GB,, a Calgary business consulting firm...


And here we thought Mr. Harper's man in London, the current High Commissioner, was all about workin' it, hard, with the cronies.


Maybe that only counts for the givin' and not so much for the gettin'.

On the plus side, more rooms for Johnny Baird and friends this year!

Speaking of Mr. Baird, the master spin-buster, Ira Basin, had a great show on Idea's this week about how modern media wurlitzering came of age in WWI....A while back Mr. Basin fixed his sights on the good Mr. Baird and his 'babies-torn-form-incubators'-inspired antics with hypodermic needles.
Tip 'O The Toque to an Anon-O-Mouse, in the comments, for pointing us towards this story.



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