Wednesday, June 25, 2014

#BCED....Dr. McGeer's Ronnie Reagan Solution.


Here's the good Doctor's money-quote, writing in The Province:

...When I was B.C.’s minister of education, a strike by teachers was unthinkable, not just by the government, but by the teachers themselves. They took pride in being professionals. But if a walkout had taken place during my watch, my recommendation would have been to deal with the strikers the same way that Ronald Reagan dealt with the air traffic controllers — thank them for their service and hire replacements...

Gosh Dr. McGeer, weren't you a minister in Mr. Bennett's Social Credit cabinet when the teacher's walked out in Solidarity in 1983?

And which government, exactly, forced the teachers to certify or die in 1987?



Dave said...

Looks like McGeer needs to make himself a test case for his dementia studies.

Oh yeah ... he clearly doesn't know about the part about the USC Taft-Hartley Act which Reagan had in his favour. Nor does he mention that it took 10 years to get air traffic in the US back to pre-1981 performance levels. Oh yeah ... the US had "other" ATCs that could be quickly certified, aka US Air Force and US Navy.

Stick it in your ear, McGeer!

North Van's Grumps said...

It would seem that ever since the BC Liberals came to power in 2001 they have been using Pat McGeer's plan for British Columbia Schools to a T

Jim Hume Times Colonist Feb 11 2001

McGeer became the target for angry school board members (he suggested boards were archaic and should be done away with to save money for classroom education); teachers were mad at him because he was demanding curriculum changes and higher standards; university students were mad at him because he called for higher entrance exams and no reduction in fees; and universities were mad at him because he told them to shave their costs to the bone and refused to promise extra funding.

McGeer just smiled at the debate. Education had never been so high on the public interest list and he was confident that when it all shook down, K to 12 students would be better served and universities would be better places of higher learning.

Not everyone agrees that McGeer's sometimes outrageous proposals led to change; but many see the mini-revolution he created as being the action that brought education from back to front burner where it has stayed ever since. SNIP

kootcoot said...

Why is it so difficult to believe that Mr. Stick in your Ear actually managed to get through medical school without cheating or that Susan Anton and Petey Mackay didn't pay someone with a brain to take their bar exams?

Modern day Canada and BeeCee seem like a case of the dumb being led by the dumber, with all being manipulated behind the scenes by the evil greedy folks!

Lew said...

Neither Dr. McGeer’s hero Ronald Reagan, nor the doctor’s uncle, Mayor Gerry, had any time for strikers or unions. The doctor obviously shares their sentiments. I wonder if he also agrees with his hero’s sentiments about government involvement?

"The state of California has no business subsidizing intellectual curiosity." – Ronald Reagan responding to student protests on college campuses during his tenure as California governor.

RossK said...

The thing about Dr. McGeer's argument regarding 'professionalism' that floors me is this...

What would happen if the Snooklandians tried to push doctors and their 'association' this way?