Friday, June 13, 2014

This Day In Snookland...The Bloggodome Strikes Back.


I've been on the road, holed up in various and assorted sundry science geek bunkers on the other side of the continent, all week long...

Which means that I'm going to be stuck in the cigar tube, pushing through the jetstream in steerage, when the curtain opens on littler e's big tap show this evening.

But, no matter, because I talked to the nolongerso littler one (she's now in Grade 9) on the phone last night, mostly about how it's actually possible, if you take a trip to New York,  to play one of Louis Armstrong's trumpets and listen to a few of his homemade mix tapes.

In addition, e. told me that she is not the lease bit unhappy that she is not going to be forced to cram for those stupid final exams that were coming up for all of our fine province's high school students during in the next couple of weeks.


Of course, kids in grades 10 and 12 are not  as lucky as littler e. thanks to the grandstanding of Peter Fassbender and his totally quislingified BCPSEA that forced the latest ruling out of the Labour Relations Board.

But here's a funny thing....

Nowhere on the LRB's latest bit of paper could I find the name of that GCampbell gov't era classroom composition deciderer/enabler, the good Mr. Longpre, who was put in a wee bit of a conflicty-type position by the Snooklandians when he contributed to that 10% salary clawback decision recently.


Given that, do you think that blogger Norman Farrell has gained just a wee bit of the pundit-clout 'round here these days?

Actually, in answer to my question re: Norm's clout, above...In a word....Yes.
And as for the real world 'importance' of these stupid 'teach-to-the-test' cram exams, even in Grade 12....Well...As the full page ad on the back page of Tuesday's Globe from that exclusive private school that our fine Premier's son goes to made abundantly clear - none of it matters  because the younguns that are finishing their last year of small classes at St. George's have already received over 700 university acceptances! (exclamation point all theirs)
And, now that I think of it....Can't help but wonder if the public subsidy to StG's, which runs in the hundreds of thousands (if not more) every year (you know the one that is helping force the families who can't pick and choose and exclude to have their kids sit in classes of a larger size) helped make that splashy ad in the Globe possible?....Or, put another way...Has anybody seen any full page newspaper ads from, say, VanTech recently?



Unknown said...

When you first mentioned that you were back East, I naturally thought you meant Nova Scotia, but it was New York so no glut of lobsters for you.
As for the BC Libs vs the BCTF, I do not know if Clark's gov't will ever negotiate a contract with them. She has a large dislike for the BCTF and it shapes her behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Michael Geist adds some context...

"a decision that seems likely to define Internet privacy for many years to come"