Friday, June 20, 2014

This Afternoon In Snookland...Further Adventures In 'Advanced' Education.


From the 'Baldrey School Of Journalism', Lesson Seven:

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Anonymous said...


Baldrey on NW re teacher's demands: the government is committed to holding the line on spending or some such thing...

Guess it's not really spending when it's for your friends and cronies--that's more like re-gifting...

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Keith Baldrey ‏@keithbaldrey · Jun 18
Sorry teachers, but I can't see BC Libs giving up balanced budget for union that tried to defeat them in last 3 elections.

Lew said...

So according to Baldrey this isn’t about the kids, or what’s best for the education system; it’s about the government getting even with the teachers for their political views. And instead of opining about what is so obviously wrong with that he lectures the teachers.

That would be Keith Baldrey’s School of Journalism rule number 12 in a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

Keith is a payed up member of the Cult of the Savvy. All he has to offer is his take on "cynical realism". So when people who oppose the government get screwed, his analysis is "see? that's what happens when you oppose the government". It's reductive, but it gets him out of the studio and onto the links faster (that's not fair, he actually works very hard at poorly doing his job).

Anonymous said...

From the fine article, this is "savvy", tell me Keith isn't this to a tee:

" In politics, our journalists believe, it is better to be savvy than it is to be honest or correct on the facts. It’s better to be savvy than it is to be just, good, fair, decent, strictly lawful, civilized, sincere, thoughtful or humane. Savviness is what journalists admire in others. Savvy is what they themselves dearly wish to be. (And to be unsavvy is far worse than being wrong.)

Savviness is that quality of being shrewd, practical, hyper-informed, perceptive, ironic, “with it,” and unsentimental in all things political. And what is the truest mark of savviness? Winning, of course! Or knowing who the winners are."