Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#BCED Postscript...After Them The Deluge?


The following was posted up on the White Spot book of faces page not before the tentative deal was struck:

A message from White Spot

For more than 85 years, White Spot has valued and served this province’s thousands of teachers and generations of students. We have also, for more than 85 years, willingly dedicated ourselves to support numerous worthy charities – fund-raising and pitching in to improve the lives of children and their parents, in the communities where we ourselves live, and work.

For this reason, we sincerely hope the difficult issues that are impacting so many of our valued guests across British Columbia are resolved quickly and fairly. Many of you have indicated to us that you have a strong commitment to the well-being of this province’s children – a commitment which White Spot shares.

To correct any misunderstanding, we want our valued guests to know that White Spot has not had – and will not have – any involvement in the Coalition of BC Business’s application for intervener status in the upcoming appeal involving the BC Teachers Federation and the provincial government. White Spot is not a member of the Coalition of BC Business – although we, like the majority of chain and independent restaurants in B.C. – are a member of Restaurants Canada (formerly the Canadian Restaurant and Food Services Association), which is a Coalition member....


I reckon that there at least a few things to consider from this, including...

Firstly....While this is a good first step, neither White Spot nor the Oak Bay Beach Hotel (who have made a similar statement according to BIV's Janet Steffenhagen) seems to have separated themselves from the Association that is sticking it's nose into the court case.

Secondly.....Don't forget, the case has not yet been heard, so the pressure can still be applied to all various and sundry establishments if the citizenry feels that is the right approach to take.

Thirdly....Could you imagine the caterwaul that would have been emitted by the proMedia 'round here if there had been even the slightest evidence in, say, the teachers' federation before the tentative deal was struck...So on this 'Intervenor' association/federation thing, how come so little has shown up in the proMedia regarding its demonstrable cracks?



North Van's Grumps said...

Busy Body coalitionists headline this year is the BCTF court case... the last headline was just before last year's provincial election.

The Coalition of BC Businesses ( represents 13 BC business associations. The Coalition’s principal focus is the development of labour and employment policies that will help foster a positive relationship between employers and employees and a climate for new economic growth, opportunities, and jobs. ...... Less one, White Spot

islandpapa said...

wow, so we citizens, who see the strife in our schools as an attack on public education, need to spend a few minutes with the managers of say... Save On, Canadian Tire ...and so on. Asking "are you a part of this intervener campaign with the courts over The appeal by BC teachers???
Hey I'm on it

sd said...

I did this at my Honda dealership when they first announced intervener status. Manager assured me he would look into it and DEFINITELY get back to me.......still waiting. Won't go back, found an independent mechanic.

Anonymous said...

And yet not one peep from the CofBCB about the BILLIONS added to BC's total debt. Nice guys eh? Would this be the same group who lobbied and got school taxes removed from their tax bills several decades back?

Anonymous said...

Binding Arbitration

Remember back in the day when the BC Liberals rejected binding arbitration with the teachers because the last time they tried it in 2001/2002 the nasty judge rejected their false claims and gave the doctors a fair and equitable raise?

Remember how Factbender said: "We've seen the history of that in this province where it has significantly impacted taxpayers in a negative way."


Besides communicating clearly that the BC Liberals were in a no win scenario, it also showed Factbender's penchant for corrupting history.

See BC Ferries and the 2007 binding arbitration under the oversight of Mr. Vince Ready.