Tuesday, September 16, 2014

This Day In Snookland....A Bedazzling Endorsement From The Mesmerized.


..."When I first met Christy Clark, it was working on branding her Vancouver mayoral campaign. Although she didn't win, I knew one day that she would achieve something greater," Pickett said. "The sparkle in her eye and the way she presented herself when she entered a room was truly mesmerizing."...

Such a wonderful reason to do all you can to make a person the Premier of a province, eh?


In case you are wondering who said that....

It came from the very fine, finest of the fine person who has been running that Snooklandian bought-and-paid-for social media (and more!) anti-teacher campaign lo these many weeks.

Bob Mackin had the story yesterday in The Tyee.

(and yes, as you may have guessed the six figure, plus, contract went to that particular member of the finest of the finely mesmerized untendered).

Previous editions of previous Snooklandian Daze can be found....Here....This particularly obvious one is probably worth replaying today...For the record.



Anonymous said...

So the company gets a $335 thousand dollar deal. Now the strike is over. Can we just assume the the Liberal thinkers were suggesting that amount would be enough for a couple of weeks or was that amount decided because the strike could last a month or more ?

Is there a pay back clause because the strike was over quickly ?

And that amount would be enough to hire some Liberal hacks to flood the social media sites.

Oh well...... it's a gift no matter how you look at it.

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...


In other distractifyin' news today, the second crossing in Kelowna is goin' forward.

Goodbye Okanagan as we knew ya.

North Van's Grumps said...

The New Bridge should garner at least another six election victories.

... When the William R. Bennett Bridge opened to traffic in 2008, it was estimated the bridge would serve the region’s traffic needs for 25 years, based on extensive traffic analysis. Traffic counts on the bridge confirm this to still be the case....

Anonymous said...

money for construction-not for children

RossK said...

If Phil Gaglardi flew in today...

Would they send a limousine (across the bridges) anyway?