Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mount Polley Disaster ctd...Documenting The Misinformation.


The following is the lede of a post by Kevin Logan, a citizen who went to the disaster zone with Alexandra Morton, courtesy of established and credible blogger Richard Hughes:

Since day one the claim has been that the tailings flowing from the mine “were stopped,” yet one month after the BC Day Disaster occurred, the MOE found Mount Polley to be out of compliance” and on September 9th – fully 5 days later – issued an “advisory letter” pleading that the company do more to bring the tailings discharge to a halt.

This pattern of misinformation starting from day one and the “stopped ” flow of discharge from the mine permeates virtually every significant piece of information related to this disaster...

The entire thing is very much worth reading.

And the links in Mr. Logan's story are worth archiving...For the record...Because keeping a record to go back to is what we 'idiot bloggers' like to do...Don't you know...



Anonymous said...

I'm sure Bill Bennett will lay the law down & Imperial Metals will wish they never heard of Kootenay Bill.

Sorry.... but I can't stop laughing.

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

o/t... or not?

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