Friday, September 26, 2014

Democracy Breaks Out Amongst...

...The Lawyers.


From the MoCo:

The governing members of the Law Society of British Columbia have decided to hold a binding referendum to determine the future of a faith-based law school at Trinity Western University.

The board members, who are known as benchers, voted on Friday morning to hold the referendum at the earliest possible date, with the results to be released by the end of October....

In other words, if I understand this correctly, the members will decide.

Imagine that!

And, in my opinion, this is about discrimination, not freedom of religion.



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Alison said...

Meanwhile ... sorry, I know I'm always doing this OT stuff on your posts...

Cluckuns thinks what's wrong with the TFW program is the name - suggests Potential New Canadians instead.

Anonymous said...

So, Paul Calandra was castrated by the PM's office and is now crying like a little sniveling bully who has been dragged up before the school principal after having his ass kicked.Looks real good on this ahole.


North Van's Grumps said...

What was left out of the rest of the statement quoted by CKNW that makes Clark look like she favours the companies bottom line, rather than gaining citizenship by having chosen Canada? A Freudian slip on her part?

It was people from all over the world that built this company are continuing to do that.