Friday, September 12, 2014

Kinder Morgan To Burnaby...'All Your Parks 'R Us'.


Thanks to a recent ruling by Mr. Harper's National Energy Board, Kinder Morgan can, apparently, do whatever they want, wherever they want in Burnaby.

Luckily for the rest of us the folks in Burnaby are fighting back.

Jennifer Moreau has the story in the Burnaby Now. Here is her lede:

The City of Burnaby has filed a civil claim in B.C. Supreme Court to keep Kinder Morgan out of the Burnaby Mountain conservation area.

The move, made Monday, is the latest in the legal battle over the city-owned land, where Kinder Morgan has been cutting trees for survey work for a new pipeline route. The city is also asking the court for a temporary injunction to stop the company from cutting trees before the court decides on the matter.

"We have no other options. We tried to raise these issues at the NEB, we tried to deal with the company itself, and now we are in B.C. Supreme Court," said the city's lawyer, Gregory McDade. "It's fairly straight forward. Municipal bylaws are enforceable by court injunction."

The bylaw McDade was referring to forbids anyone from cutting trees in a city park, something Kinder Morgan did last week during survey work. ...

Thing is.

If they don't go through parks 'n stuff, the 'ol Bush Ranger-led outfit that the Knotty Gordians welcomed to town back in the heady early days of the 'Golden Era' just might be 'forced' to go through Burnaby backyards.

And that, based on the experience of other folks in other jurisdictions, may not be a good thing for those who are not particularly enamoured with Kinder Geyser Surprises.


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