Sunday, September 14, 2014

#BCED....No Sign (Yet) That Counter Demonstrators At Rally Have Turf Stains On Their Shoes.



Double-Secret Probation Update: 7:45pm Sunday Sept 14/14...The group's website has been disappeared.

Updated 4:50pm Sunday Sept 14/14...What purports to be the 'BC Parents' Federation website now has a slide show (apparently of the "BC Parents' Alliance", note different name, apparently at a different rally on Sept 07/14)...They also say that they have '30' members...Link is....Here.

There was a little bit of a disturbance at the public education rally earlier today in downtown Lotusland.

Here's the MoCo's lede:

A brief melee broke out at a parent, teacher and student pro-union rally at the Vancouver Art Gallery Sunday when it was crashed by a group of parents from Richmond wielding anti-union signs.

The rally, one of three planned today, was organized on Facebook and described as a grassroots, parent-driven rally although it easily attracted as many teachers and labour leaders as it did parents.

Part way through it, a group of parents from Richmond calling themselves the BC Parents Federation crashed the party to deliver an opposing point of view...


Who and/or what, exactly is this 'BC Parents Federation' (get it?).

Well, all we know so far is, this:

...BC Parents Federation spokesman Tom Tang said his group has just registered as a "legal organization."

Just registered?


Interestingly,  a website with the groups monicker is essentially empty.

As for their Twittachine embed on the site...It appears to go nowhere too.

Same for the Book of Faces.


Seems like maybe, just maybe this thing was done pretty quickly.

Maybe with an eye towards winning the game of short attention span theatre that the proMedia loves so much?

Update Postcript...YouTube link to the 'slide show' of the differently named 'BC Parents' Alliance', which currently has zero subscribers is....Here.



Anonymous said...

The question is, who owns and operates and if they realize that there is a subsite that has been created poorly on their domain?

Anonymous said...

In addition, whoever created that site just copy and pasted a template. Notice the title just states Helicopter Transportation Website template.

Very very mickey-mouse, for a "Federation"

Anonymous said...


5:51 As mickey-mouse as a fox?

RossK said...

Interesting Twittmachine feed with pretty inflammatory and baiting posts linking to site now....




Anonymous said...

Welcome to Access Richmond

which is a 'Richmond Centre for Disability' site...

which is these fine folks


Ella Huang BSc. MBA, Executive Director

RCD describes themselves as "not-for-profit".

RCD's Charitable Organization Number is 88832 8432 RR0001.

RossK said...



But this site looks to be a subber off of their main one.

Not clear that there is a direct connection.


RossK said...

Update Monday morning...

Just to be clear - there is no evidence that RCD itself was behind the website...All that is cleared up by newer posts up the page.