Friday, September 05, 2014

Mr. Harper's Plumbers...How Low Will They Go?


It would appear that Mr. Harper and friends have decided to go 'All-Nixonian-All-The-Time' by sending out provocateurs to political events in an effort to get opponents to say something that can then be chucked into the media maw for fun and poll-point profit.

They did that recently when they sent a staffer to Rob Anders out to trap Liberal candidate, and former general, Andrew Leslie on the situation in Gaza.

And what did Mr. Leslie have to say that the FedCons and Sun News found so objectionable?

Well, the Canadian Press summarized things this way:

...In the course of a lengthy response in which he asserted Israel's right to defend itself and to kill members of terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Leslie criticized Israel for "firing indiscriminately" on Palestinian women and children...


Isn't that the kind of measured response that we would actually expect to hear from a rational, careful, peace-and-good-government-type Canadian politician?

And in Mr. Harper's Canada such a response is considered deplorable?

Is it possible that we really have come a long way since 2006?

Hmmmmm....I wonder where a fine fellow like Mr. Anders might have learned to do things like this?....Oh, ya....Inhofe!



the salamander said...

.. following this dim trail I came to a startling conclusion. That the Harper Government may fall over this simple event.

An elected public servant, A federal MP, Rob Anders and or his parliamentary Aide, furtively set out to record, then transcribe and distribute ad hoc comments from a Canadian citizen. Nothing neccessarily felonious there... but ..

Who thought this nasty little escapade up pray tell? The Conservative Party defends it to the hilt, that Canadians deserve to know what Justin Trudeau's blah blah associates really think.. alll fine, still.

But again, who commissioned the act? Who pays or controls a public servant's time and effort? The Harper Government? The Conservative Party can order this up? Rob Anders? His aide? Tax payer funded action like this just fine? Says who?

Seems there are ethical and parliamentary lines being obliterated here.. in the name of whom? Who says this is acceptable governmental behaviour or expense.?

The Party now commands MP's? Or the Harper Government has such power? Or Anders? Or just his aide as another loose cannon, approved by The Conservative Party?

Head or heads roll here.. whose ?
Of course Stephen Harper has not heard about this..
Its beneath his notice ....

Anonymous said...

Remember robocalls

Don F. said...

If i was asked for something that I felt described the word deplorable what would come to mind would be Rob Anders'

G West said...

Guess everyone noticed Mulroney's comments about Pee Wee in the press....

scotty on denman said...

Deploying Rob Anders 'bout says it all.

visvanathan said...

and the Harpocrites take yet another step deeper into the quagmire at the bottom of the gutter, which used to be known as the Canadian political arena....

if we have the right to know what Trudeau's Liberals REALLY think about issues, then we also have the right to know what Harper's ReformaCons REALLY think about the issues...and i don't mean the talking points given them by the Dictator in charge.....