Saturday, September 06, 2014

This Afternoon In Snookland...Ron Obvious Opens The Door To The Shillophants' Latest Gambit.


First, from the Twittmachine feed of the good Mr. Mason:

Then, the response of the very, very fine 'crisis consultant who has, apparently, been paid to push 'prosperity' and all that:

Sure thing.

And wasn't that tax shift away from corporations onto the backs of the consumptive citizenry known as the HST  foisted on us as 'revenue neutral'?

Or did I miss something?

And then there is the matter of that second court case that Mr. Mason himself actually reported on, in considerable detail, back in the early spring of this year that might have caused a reasoned and reasonable proMedia pundit to conclude that the Snooklandians perhaps should have made allowances for it in their 2014/15 budget but didn't because, well, you know....If there wasn't a 'crisis' where would Ms. Clark and Mr. Fassbender be now?



sd said...

What a shill. If they're this blatant in their attacks I suspect they've got a pole showing the publics support for teachers is strong.

Anonymous said...

The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, thieved and sold everything out of this province, they laid their dirty hands on.

Gordon Campbell twice, lied and cheated to win his elections. The BCR wasn't for sale nor, was the HST on his radar either.

I am sure everyone knows how Herr Harper won his, so called majority?

Christy's election lies, 100,000 jobs for the people of BC. And of course there is Christy's dreary families first mantra. Christy gave the jobs, building the LNG plant near Prince Rupert, to China. BC's ship building contract was, given to Poland. In what way does this help, Christy's families first?

I am fully supporting our Teachers. They are of great value and worth to parents and their children. Christy Clark and her cabal, are worth nothing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with both comments above.

Since when is a "reporter" supposed to come up with the answers? Mason needs to report on the issue and leave the solutions to those in positions of leadership.

Anonymous said...

Remember trillion dollar LNG pre election and families first?

Jeff Barkley said...

You hit the nail on the head, Ross. I have tried and tried to get people to understand that the "revenue neutral" HST took the taxes from the people and made it "revenue neutral" by giving the same amount in a tax cut for corporations. When the battle over the HST ensued, and was won by the people, the tax cut for the corporations was not taken back. Perhaps the so called Liberals could say that they never actually said they would put that back to where it started, but I'm pretty certain the vast majority of voters in BC BELIEVED that everything would go back to the way it was before the HST. The entire cost of fixing the public school system could probably be found in that tax cut alone! I am so sick of this blatant fascism, I just want to scream. Thanks for all your hard work, Ross. Well done!

RossK said...


I think it is more than that...They are actually doing their best to 'digitally influence' polls that are not their own...Looks like it may have happened with one that Laila Yule had up yesterday.


In fairness, Mr. Mason is a columnist...He just makes things a little difficult for himself sometimes though when he reverts back into sports reporter mode, which is what he definitely did in that linked-to piece.



Trillion Dollar Sparkle Ponies?

Do we remember them?

You're darn tootin' we do!



As you and I both know, these fine folks aren't interested in actual reality. Instead, they're much more interested in bending reality into something unrecognizable that can then be willing be moulded by the usual suspects fit to their own purposes.


cfvua said...

Or how about instead of any tax increases, raising royalties to 2002 levels as illustrated by Norm Farrell and it will look like a whole herd of sparkle ponies have hit town. Some gas producers might dig out the old tried and proven capital flight mobile capital chorus but let them leave. In the world of corporate greed the gas will remain flowing as will the higher royalties. A slow down might even have the unintended consequence of leaving more jobs for BC residents as non resident service providers riding the boom wave disappear back to where they and their workers pay taxes.

e.a.f. said...

if the province is so short of money they can't afford to provide the kids with a decent education, why don't they do what Campbell said he was going to do: raise corporate taxes from 10% to 11% and use the new funding for education. Its just so simple.

Well I guess all those profit making corporations can't afford an extra 1% in taxes, so the kids will just have to go without an education and some kids will have to go without food. Sounds like a great plan there christy.

I don't care what they say about Allison Redford in Alberta, I'd rather have her as Premier of B.C. than clark. At least Alberta has a better education system than B.C.