Tuesday, September 02, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Tweeter And The Monkey Man.


Truth be told, we're not entirely sure who the Monkey Man is.

But we did notice who the Tweeter was over the weekend. 

And the leader of the Opposition, Mr. Horgan, noticed as well:

...Your continued absence throughout this crisis shows a lack of leadership when British Columbians need it most. Parents, kids, and teachers deserve more from their premier than a series of tweets meant to further inflame the situation and point fingers at teachers...

Cue Mr. Petty and friends...

And, while we're not entirely sure about the Monkey Man, we have noticed that there is a curious Straw Man starting to pop up all over saying that 'class size doesn't really matter anyway'...Funny how he doesn't mention 'composition'...


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