Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The Keef Report...Darwin's Finch Edition


Well, well, well, would-a-thunk-it?


Who would have ever have thought that the good Mr. Baldrey's position on the public school strike would have evolved to one of 'both sides' on the wee matter of the E80 clause:


Is it possible that the words, deeds and actions of Lotuslandian proPundits are, like the politicians they 'cover', also influenced by the polls?

As for the validity of the 'both sides' conclusion on that particular point given, say, this (see pg 3)?...Well, perhaps the good Mr. Baldrey would like to offer up a fact-based rationale for coming to such a conclusion...
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The lieberals have no damn defensible and certainly no constitutional right to strip our contract as they have done. Go to hell Keef!