Friday, August 14, 2015

At The End Of The Day The Tried And True Chord Progressions Of...

...Our Neil Still Slay Me.

The Whackadoodle and I were taking our nightly walk around the block last night.

I had the old beach guitar with me and it was still warm after the sun went down.

And suddenly I found myself playing an old 'new' tune of Mr. Young's.

Which got me thinking about days gone by...

Some people ask me (well, to be perfectly honest, only one or two actually)...If you're playing the guitar and you're walking the dog, what do you do with the poop bag when it's full?...Answer: That's what the capo is for...OK?



Don F. said...

Brings to mind his concert at the Ryman Theater in Nashville where they made straw broom sweeping the floor sound as musical as any Stradavari.

Just watched a Netflix documentary called MUSCLE SHOALS that is an amazing thing!

RossK said...



The broom.

Have been meaning to watch that MShoals for awhile now...Will make it a priority now - thanks.


Danneau said...

Muscle Shoals was a hoot. Also just finished The Wrecking Crew, about LA studio folks. Reminded me of Standing In The Shadow of Motown.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share some pics with you.

Then play on.


RossK said...

Oh man Dan--

I just had a look.

So fantastic - thanks.