Saturday, August 01, 2015

Blogging For Supreme Court Dollars...All Your Hidden Agendas 'R Us.


Both Glen McGregor of Postmedia and Sean Fine of the Globe have stories up about the scrubbed (and not-so) blog posts and associated commentary of Mr. Harper's latest Supreme Court nominee, Russ Brown.

Both note that one such comment has Mr. Brown pining for the super-secret Straussian fjords.

Or some such thing:

...(Mr. Brown's) sympathies with the Conservatives are clear. On Sept. 8, 2008, responding to a blog post describing Prime Minister Stephen Harper as “scary,” he said: “I don’t see it. Admittedly, I harbour some hope for a hidden agenda, but I doubt it’s going to happen.”....


I guess the real question is....

Which of 'hidden' agenda was Mr. Brown kinda/sorta hoping for, exactly?



Lew said...

Brown’s conservative ideology is on full display, and his appointment itself will no doubt fit with Harper’s “hidden agenda” by subscribers to the notion. But reading the quotes attributed to him there’s something else on display, and that’s his sense of humor.

• On a Liberal senator’s bill to deem suicide bombings acts of terror: “I guess this is one of those ‘just-in-case-the-obvious-wasn’t-obvious-enough’ amendments. One can only hope that the courts will follow Parliament’s lead and impose the severest possible sanctions on people who kill themselves.”

• On Liberal MP Bob Rae welcoming new leader Michael Ignatieff with a kiss: “Maybe Iggy should make a Sexual­ Harassment ­in ­the ­Workplace Complaint?”

That sense of humor might qualify him for Yuk Yuk’s, but not the Supreme Court. Something tells me his efforts on the bench won’t initiate any smiles outside of the Conservative Party of Canada and its supporters. And the joke will be on the sixty percent of Canadians who aren’t.

RossK said...

Think that number might be closer, at least at the moment, to seventy percent Lew.