Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Can Climate Change Mess Up A Perfectly Good Trailer Trash Theme Party?


You bet it can.

As only he can, Mr. Beer 'N Hockey explains.

Darn day job (stretching into night) is getting in the way of a first week/first pass analysis of what needs stratting and what doesn't in Lotuslandian fed elxn ridings...The post is coming...Hopefully by the weekend.


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Boris said...

Proper tradition in Alberta when I lived there. Paddling trip down a river. Every little while interupted by the presence of a quad up to its gills using the river as a bush road, driver probably full of beer, farting exhaust INTO the water. Nearby, big boxy caravan(s) the bank. Returning, it was a little poetic to encounter a blown-over RV behind a pick-up on the highway. Family scattered in an replusor orbit directing traffic while angry-dad fumed and sputtered rage at the wind-gods for over-turning his box.