Monday, August 03, 2015

#Elxn42...I Want Merv's Canada Back Too.


From the kicker of Merv Adey's latest:

"...I grew up believing that Canada was a country where diversity was celebrated. I grew up with the Pearson ideal, of solving conflict through peacekeeping and the hard work of understanding differences. A country of fair play. Reality has never entirely matched up to the ideals, but we had the ideals.

Now I live in a country in which the governing party, divorced from even the Red Tory ideals of Hugh Segal or Flora MacDonald, will capitalize on our fear of strangeness. I live in a country where (a muslim) family, and the mother’s veil, are a political opportunity to exploit for the votes of the ignorant.

I want my old Canada back.


Hard to argue with that, no?



Cathie from Canada said...

Yes, I agree too.

RossK said...


Hope all is well.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing it Mr. K. This post means a lot to me. - Merv

Lulymay said...

Beautifully said and so true. I long for the days of my and our wiser Canada. When I was young, we were inundated with innuendo from American media to be afraid of the "Communist" menace and people were actually building bomb shelters in their basements, thinking that would 'save'them. I don't want to go back to that kind of fear mongering and yet, we have a Prime Minister who insists we have to and has put our country in serious debt on behalf of HIS demands.

RossK said...

You're most welcome Merv--

It's an important post.



Well said.

It seems to me that we are going to need to today's kids into voting booths en masse to make the change...Post on that coming.


Lew said...

The ultimate weapon that will eventually disarm the Conservative’s use of their current bogeyman is the scene Merv describes on that beach.

RossK said...


The hardcore Con wizards playing the long game know this and are trying to mitigate against it...Can there any other (real) explanation for why a Koch Bros - funded initiative has recently been set up to 'help' Latinos get their drivers' licences and prepare their taxes in the States?

Lew said...

Part of the $900 million they’ve pledged to arrange to “help” ensure a Republican is the next POTUS? Or is it a separate project to lipstick the pigs providing the $?

I suspect when Latinos step up to the ballot box they’ll remember the guy with the funny hair, not the guys with the smeared lipstick as representing the true Republican stance on borders south. Hopefully they’ll vote accordingly, notwithstanding the “help”.

Unknown said...

I'm in Belgium right now winding down a holiday that included visits to France and Holland. I've been to Juno Beach where the Canadian army landed on D-Day and our war cemetery at Beny-Sur-Mer where 2000 young 20-something men didn't make it past the sands. Europeans here love Canadians, Americans not so much and Germans not at all. They love us not because for a short period of time we were known as peacekeepers, but because Canadians are remembered here as soldiers who fought valiantly for their freedom. Yes, and for a nation who believed that what was happening in Europe by members of a wayward country was not fair, and some very urgent ass-kicking was in order. They also love us because, unlike Americans, we actually attempt to converse with them using long dormant memories of high school French. Even if we sound like struggling third graders in the process. So, I agree with Merv's sad image of where Canada is headed but perhaps I am more optimistic that a new generation will have the courage to do what's right and toss the tyrant out again, as their ancestors did in Europe.