Thursday, August 27, 2015

#Elxn42: The Citizenry Will Have To Make Sure 34% Does Re-Elect The Fed-Cons...


....Because, at least at this point, it would appear that the Green Party of Canada sure as heck won't.

From the Canadian Press:

A Green party association in Ontario won't support its candidate's decision to withdraw and endorse the NDP nominee.

The Green party's Peterborough-Kawartha Electoral District Association says candidate Gary Beamish's apparent plan took the organization by surprise.

It apologizes for any confusion Beamish's move may have caused supporters in the central Ontario riding.

The association says it is considering options and plans to discuss the next steps with local members...

Here is Eric Grenier's early line on the riding in question, Peterborough-Kawartha (scroll down):

Con - 37
Lib - 27
Dipp - 34
Green - 4

'Nuff said?



Anonymous said...


"A Green candidate in Ontario will reportedly tell voters this fall that, for the good of the country, they best not vote for him.
Gary Beamish, running in the riding of Peterborough-Kawartha, told Peterborough This Week that he will urge his supporters to cast a ballot for the local NDP candidate instead.
It's a decision that has the backing of his local riding association."

UPDATE: On Aug. 23, the Greens released a statement on behalf of the Peterborough–Kawartha Electoral District Green Party Association stating that Michael Bell and other members would not support Beamish's decision to step down and endorse another candidate.
"In keeping with the mandate of the Green Party of Canada, we will consider our options and discuss our next steps with local members," the statement reads.

Anonymous said...


Note that the riding association backed Beamish, then did an about face. Someone whipped the association, doesn't fit with Lizzie's open persona. Does it?

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Anonymous said...


More than just strange bedfellows?

"A BC Liberals spokesperson would neither confirm nor deny whether a full-page ad running in the Victoria Times Colonist newspaper is aimed at splitting the environmental vote on Vancouver Island.

"I'm not giving any comment on the speculation," Ben James, the party's media contact, told The Tyee. "It's just a fact-based ad."

The ad, which was paid for by the Liberals, prominently features a photo of Green Party leader Jane Sterk, claiming that her party has "strong, clear views about how to protect our coast."

Below her, a photo of NDP leader Adrian Dix, and a caption claiming that his party is "flip-flopping on the Kinder Morgan pipeline."

Further still down the page, a photo of Premier Christy Clark. The BC Liberal leader, the ad claims, "has five tough conditions that must be met for any heavy oil project to be considered for B.C."

- See more at:

"In the middle of the vote-splitting clash sits Sterk, who isn’t losing sleep over the Liberal leader endorsing her.
“They presented our policy on pipelines and tankers clearly. It’s unfortunate that they didn’t promote our huge investments in renewable energy,” she said. “But I guess that didn’t serve their purpose.”

Unknown said...

I wish everyone would stop saying Dix flip-flopped in the election campaign on Enbridge pipeline. In an article in the Van. Sun by Larry Pyn on Feb. 23, 2011, he stated that Adrian Dix was opposed to the Endbridge oil pipeline. The title of the article was "NDP leadership Frontrunners Take Stand on Environmental Issues; Liberals Silent."
On 6 Jul 2012, Adrian Dix had an article published in The Tyee titled "Dix to Clark: Time to Break Pipeline Silence." In it he stated that "we are opposed to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline."
There was no flip-flop in the election campaign.
However in the election campaign, C. Clark made no comment about the pipelines and what her policy was to be. We are now finding out what she had in mind, to use the "mind" word loosely.
She made no mention of the ALR being disbanded. She either makes decisions on a whim without fore-thought or she keeps them a secret from us while we decide who should lead us.
This is what we have to deal with and we have to find a way to get this message to the voters. The MSM will not do it.

e.a.f. said...

In the end its all about me. The me who wants to run the country. The me who wants the power. Its not about what is best for the country or the voters. Its about the leaders who run the parties and it would appear Ms. May has joined the other 4. No surprise there. Human nature is what it is and this position is of no surprise to me.

People will have to work very hard to ensure Steve and his gang of convicted do not get re-elected. If they are re-elected Canadians will have only themselves to blame if the country goes into a deeper recession and then has $38 BILLION cut from their health care. Just think fewer jobs and less health care. Don't forget Steve is a war monger. While he is quick to join any war, especially if it means bombing Muslims, he is no where to be found when Europe needs countries to take Syrian refugees. Steve loved that war stuff but didn't seem to care about the millions left in refugee camps. The refugees have now decided to take action on their own. If Canada doesn't get their act together and recruit the refugees who would most benefit Canada, they will come anyhow.