Saturday, August 15, 2015

#Elxn42...And Now A Word From The Trenches.


Don't know about you but I always enjoy Mr. Beer 'N Hockey's dispatches from the perspective of party volunteers doing the sherpa work along the campaign trail.

Recently, his stuff from Alberta was both fun to read and illuminating (caution, reading Beer is not for the faint of heart):

...If you have never worked, really worked, a campaign, I am talking 14 hour days. We had to drink fast in the evenings because you cannot drink and sleep at the same time so far as I know.

Who we met in one campaign headquarters after another were people who really care about their province's future and backed that up by being willing to do something about it. They were no different from most of the Albertans I met. They care, they are responsible and they are willing to put in the work to do a job right.

On Election Day (which should be a paid holiday by the way) after our work door to door reminding people to get the f*ck to the polls we spent an hour or so on the phone making our last voter contact before the corsair captain in charge of our zone house set us free.

"Go get drunk you dirty pirate motherfuckers," she told us before she returned to campaign headquarters to watch the vote tallies come in with the other captains and the candidate.

We went straight to the party...


Now, Mr. Beer is back home working on, and writing about, the federal campaign from the heart of Lotusland's bible belt buckle:

Election news anybody? Here on the ground we are not sensing any enthusiasm for the Conservatives. Nor are we getting doors slammed in our face...

{snippety doodle-dandy}

...The Conservative's supporters are weary of supporting them and unsure where to turn. They get queasy looking at their Naked Emperor. People in my town are not real keen on politicians and when it turns out their guy, the guy they thought was good, is worse than most and perhaps the worst of all and that by voting for him and his local stooge once again they are pissing on what is left of their own old time values, and that his undoing is paving the way for the NDP (the f*cking NDP!) to take over just like they did in Alberta, it makes a man sit up and pay attention...

Can't wait for more.


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