Friday, August 21, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...Friday Afternoon Document 'Bump'.



It's Friday.

And some folks are still upset about that 'bump' business on the Lions Gate bridge that snarled traffic, caused bus cancellations, and resulted in massive Seabus line-ups for no good reason at all.


What have the Clarklandians and their wizards decided to do about it?

Why, roll-out the spokesthingy, of course:

...The ministry (of transportation) has promised to make a rep available to speak to NEWS 1130 about the bump this afternoon...




Anonymous said...

you mean theyre not replacing all the bus fleet with higher clerance ones?

RossK said...

Or just fix the flippin' bump immediately.


e.a.f. said...

like what is with this bump. It looks like a speed bump. I guess with those line ups the next thing you'll hear is North and West Vancouver want a new crossing. with Christy so busy getting one for Richmond/ladner and all those tankers which won't be coming from Communist China, she might want to think about those voters in North and West Van. If they go Dipper once, they could do it twice and that might be a very sad moment for her.

I do mean, I was in Alberta last week and its still standing, the malls are still full. O.K. they built mini corner strip of shops in an area which once would not have permitted it. It would have been like the hourds are at the gate. Oh and the hospital in Alberta was clean, staffed, and had its own provincial peace officers.