Saturday, August 15, 2015

#DuffyTrial...Did The Cover-Up Come Before The Crime?


The NaPo's Andrew Coyne, whose reading of the Email trail leads him to conclude that the pay-off was invoked to ensure that the co-optation of both the Senators and the audit remained a secret, seems to think so:

...It wasn’t just on his housing expenses that Duffy wished to be absolved of any wrongdoing. The emails from his lawyer are explicit in demanding that all of his expenses be found “in order.” It wasn’t enough that the auditors should punt on the housing allowance question. The audit had to be called off altogether. And there was yet a third demand: the government was to promise not to refer Duffy’s expenses to the RCMP.

It is to the credit of Wright and his co-conspirators that none of these demands were met. It is very much less to their credit that the rest of the fraudulent scheme went ahead. The decision to pay Duffy’s expenses, on its own, might be written off as an error of judgment or even, as Wright would have it, a good-faith attempt to return the money to the taxpayer.

But once it is seen as part and parcel of a broader effort to tamper with a supposedly independent audit, to rewrite a (Senate) committee report and hoodwink the public, it takes on a rather darker hue...

All of which is bad enough, and pre-emptively Nixonian, in and of itself.

But Mr. Coyne, at least in this piece, refuses to step into the real CREEP(M)y abyss.

Which is that deep, dark place where the Plumber-in-Chief's Senators were systematically strip mining the country to fill the CPC's massive campaign war-chest.

And doing so on the public's dime.




North Van's Grumps said...

Is there any difference between our bible thumping Christy Clark invoking her own 'Nigel Wright' Matthew 3:6 quote (secretly) by appointing high priced help to the various boards across BC, and GCPE staff, to then have the appointees using their 'personal' funds (funded wholly by taxpayers) Matthew 3:6 again, to replenish the BC Liberal Party's bottom line to be used to bail out any and all miscreants, a Brian Bonney.

Christie Blatchford's definition of Matthew 3:6
(The reference is, “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right is doing, so that your giving may be in secret.”)

RossK said...


No difference, except worse (although, in the case of the Quick Wins cover-u.....errr...restitution, weren't those 'party' funds?).

Regarding Matty! Matty! Matty! (:doubled)... Was that not the passage that was invoked by the good Mr. Wright to explain how the hand he used to type Emails to the PM was not the same hand he used to type EMails to the minions?


Hey...Anything on the ('rumoured') SLeslie OIC yet?


North Van's Grumps said...

Brian Bonney collected 100% from taxpayers; 50% was returned ... after the shit hit the fan ... without interest ... by BC Liberal Leader Christy Clark TO Premier Christy Clark. All smiles. No guilt.

Grant G said...

If one looks at this poll....Stephen Harper can`t grow more political support.

These poll results for the Harpercons at this point,...All those tax cheques delivered..All that promised infrastructure money, all that throwing money around..The attack ad blitz.

Have a look at the regional numbers and second choice numbers..

If those numbers hold....THUMP, Door-Slam...Adios Harper

RossK said...

Thanks NVG - got it...The parallels are, indeed striking.



Can't argue with you about the intentions of folks who may or may or may not vote.

However, as we have learned both nationally and provincially lately, what really matters is who will actually vote.

And, additionally, now that we are living under the yoke of the unFair Elections Act, who 'can' actually vote.