Wednesday, August 12, 2015

This Day In Clarkland: Just In Case You Missed It...

...Our good Premier has a fine new wizard working in her office.

It all came down as an adjunct to the recent cabinet shuffle, and we're absolutely certain it had absolutely nothing to do with the naming of the fine former public servant to head the MCFD inquiry:

...Bobbi Plecas moves from Advanced Education to the Office of the Premier...

Absolutely nothing.

Say it again!

Update, Lunchtime Wednesday...Merv Adey and North Van's Grumps actually noticed this one way before the un-bylined VTC story linked to above...Apologies for missing the post while away in the far outer wilds of what used to be Lotusland's rainforest...It's a good one.



sd said...

Investigations, what are they good for? ABOSLUTELY NOTHING... SAY IT AGAIN! ( unless your covering your ass)

North Van's Grumps said...

Merv, at BC Veritas, on July 29, 2015 had Bobbi Plecas angle covered 24 hours before the Times Colonist.

Dave said...

surprise, surprise.......what else is new.........but I did find this little nugget........from our good buddy Palmer.......

PS thanks for all you do.....!

RossK said...


Which version should we use...Edwin Starr'sl or the Boss'?


Thanks NVG--

Many apologies to missing Merv's post...I was away on holiday that week...I'll link to it on the front page.


Thanks Dave--


Know that particular <a href=">'historicalist' column</a> from the Dean well...Interesting how little there is in there about the close connections between Mr. Plecas and the current Premier.


sd said...

Both actually!

RossK said...


Fair enough...Will try to re-work the lyrics as appropriate and record.


sd said...

The more I read about Bob and Bobbi the madder I get. This poor woman and her kids are being bullied by crusty. This has got to be the last straw for the public.MAD AS HELL!