Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What's Bernie Sanders Got That Eugene McCarthy Didn't Have?


Sure, they both had the massive crowds with actual kids (yes kids!) in the them?

But what the kids staying clean for Gene didn't have was...

The internet.

And Brent Budowsky, writing in The Observer, is predicting that all that means, especially at the crowd sourcing level is going to put Mr. Sanders over the top as all the candidates on both sides move toward the first real tests of the campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire:

...If the major media and political worlds were surprised by the summer surge in support for Sanders, the increasingly huge crowds for his campaign appearances and his impressive small donor numbers in the past, they will be shocked and stunned by the humongous surge in small donors to Sanders that will be announced for the current quarter. Everything happens for a reason, and the reason for the Sanders crowds and small donor surge is this: The coming political revolution that is caused by the explosion of social media combined with the waves of progressive grassroots enthusiasm and action that is widely ignored and disrespected by old-style political pundits opining on old-style broadcast media but is exploding throughout the social media world that is powerfully underestimated by those who meet the press and face the nation...

Eugene McCarthy and his whippersnappers took down a sitting president with one early primary win in 1968.

Me thinks those triangulating behind Ms. Clinton just may be a little worried for all the same, and yet somehow very different, reasons.

Heckfire, even his Trumpness, who knows nothing if not to try and glom on to any and all happenings, tried to take a swipe at ol' Bernie today.

And, make no mistake, Mr. Sanders is an old guy who has been singing the same tune for a long time now.


But who really cares about all of that.


Because if The Observer's Mr. Budowsky is right Mr. Sanders small money ascendancy will let everybody with a progressive bone in their body know that we don't have to put up with the crap and the big money (and all the influence and networks it buys) anymore.

And we won't need ibogaine to do it.


And, ya, I know ibogaine comes from the wrong campaign...But what the heckfire...When everything's comin' up Sunshine Specials....Well.



krank! said...

I have a great memory of Bernie coming to Vancouver as a guest speaker at a Van-East NDP fundraiser in, I think, '86. Maritime Labour Center, good time. We paid him expenses only, and he's still the same guy. Elizabeth Cull toured him around a couple of our hospitals and gave him the Cole's Notes on our single-payer health care. SANDERS/WARREN '16!!!!!!!!.

RossK said...

Great anecdote--

Thanks krank.