Saturday, August 01, 2015

The Keef Report...Shouting Fire In A Crowded Puffed-Up Pro-Media Theatre.


And, just in case you think I must have been joking or, at the very least, playing the snark card with that header...

The following is the lede from Mr. Baldrey's latest Glacier (print) Media column:

This province is being ravaged by forest fires this summer, but there’s a good chance an entirely different kind of firestorm will be confronting B.C. by the time next summer comes along.

Brace yourselves for a series of political protests that will undoubtedly include a massive amount of civil disobedience, but which may also in some cases drift to the extremes of sabotage and violence...

And why does the good Mr. Baldrey make such a statement about what 'may' happen regarding extremes of 'sabotage' and 'violence'?

Apparently it has to do with the 'rhetoric' we've heard from 'various' Site C dam opponents and the fact that Anonymous reacted strongly to a police shooting.

All of which leads Mr. Baldrey to further state:

...The protests against the Kinder Morgan pipeline that occurred earlier this year on Burnaby Mountain will look like a pale imitation of what will happen should the project gain approval and construction actually begins...



There can be no doubting that the protests against Kinder Morgan earlier this year were indeed vigorous and that they also included well-documented acts of civil disobedience.

But ask yourself the following...

Was anything (and I mean anything) in those most vigorous, and dare I suggest effective, protests either violent or verging in anyway whatsoever on sabatoge?

Of course, if a(n idiot) blogger were to just make stuff up about violence and sabotage....


Merv Adey suggests topics of substance that actually matter that Mr. Baldrey might want to consider for his next column...Here.
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Anonymous said...

Appears as though Mr. Baldrey might be inciting people to act.
Baldrey is an idiot, we all know that. People have a right to protest. "Firestorm" say what? Civil disobedience is legal, Keith. Small or big, legal.

Keith go away, and take your buddies Vaughn and Tom with you.

Sheesh. Talk about setting a stage.

Lew said...

This may just be the usual nonsense emanating from Keef’s carpeted cranium, but if Vaughn Palmer starts making similar (but more sophisticated) noises, we’ll know the government plan to demonize public protest has begun and the usual suspects are on the job.

RossK said...

Anon & Lew--

And, as we all know (see the 'Ombuddy Solution', for example)...

Where the Dean goes the herd will most definitely follow.


cfvua said...

Very important work going on at the site apparently, as crews were viewed at two gates and one location inside the secured area on the North bank. The Alberta based contractor selected through a super secret process where plan takers and final bid numbers have not been revealed, was using faller-bunchers, skidders, a mulcher, a couple of dozers and an excavator on the site. Widening of the access road to the parking lot area is being done. Several more of the contractors machines have been spotted on the road and are being delivered to a hidden staging area. Vehicles doing deliveries to site are driven by "vetted" personnel prior to doing said deliveries. One wonders if the Albertta contractor will have to pay his PST up front on the equipment as a resident would be expected to do. Are BC Hydro ratepayers on the hook to fund the job fairs to help the out of province contractor source personnel? Is this contractor signatory to the building trades or CLAC?
Since this is the same government that invented and has shown the utmost respect for "it's before the courts" wouldn't they're in contempt of court for starting a project that is indeed "before the courts"?
I suppose Hydro can do anything they want on their own land, but why waste the money if the project isn't allowed to go ahead?
But then this is being done by the same people that wasted a $Billion of ratepayers money on re-metering what was already being metered. And again the proceeds will end up in friendly out of province pockets.

cfvua said...

Important work on the holiday weekend, sorry.

RossK said...

Thanks for the on-the-ground update cfvua--

Regarding those meters, wasn't there once a Hydro director who had had at least a finger or two in one of the companies that received one of the big dollar contracts but who wasn't deemed to be in conflict because he stepped out of the room when the decision to award was made?

Why yes, I believe there was.


e.a.f. said...

Keith, in his limited way is trying to change the narrative, i.e. these protests will be violent and illegal. I.E. he is getting, he hopes, the "locals" ready for the federal cons to bring into play Bill C-51 and just before a federal election. Of course we need steve to lead the country against these evil and dangerous protestors.

It is not unreasonable to conclude a number of again baby boomers will be out there getting arrested, well if you are retired its not like you won't have time to go to jail, but it will prevent you from voting.

When any protests start the seed will have already been planted that these demostrators are dangerous and need to be dealt with harshly. Ah, thank you Keith. Some of us are so truly dangerous to you and your pay cheques steve, christy adn the b.c. lieberals and those foreign corporations who'd like to walk off with our resources for free or better yet, have Canadians pay them to take them

scotty on denman said...

Who was the nidiot decided a small parade of tiny drummers was a security threat during the West Coast leg of NEB hearings?

About as original as "It was a dark and stormy night." Same nidiot, perhaps?

Updating is of course essential.

Doubtlessly the constabulary would prefer to target video game-addicted bonobos (knowable unknowns); but, in a pinch, Keef brandishing pressure-cookers full of fake heroin will flush all those wan and violent saboteurs outside into the blinking sun, just as the protests parade past the vents of their dingy basement flats---fix 'em up with a T-shirt, maybe a veil, and they'll have a shot at sharpness, at the very least.

That Keef's an essential service, ain't he!