Friday, August 21, 2015

Elxn#42...Riding-Specific Polls Start To Roll In.


Leadnow, a group of folks with strategic voting on their minds, have commissioned Environics to run polls in what they consider to be swing ridings.

The three they looked at last week in Lotusland are:

PoMo-Coquitlam... Dipper Donnelly killing; StratVote means nothing.

Vancouver Granville...Close...Dipper Oreck has barely more than MOE lead over Con Broshko... Lib Wilson-Raybauld surprisingly weak...Green vote of about 10% could really, really matter here if things stay this close.

WestVan...Lib Goldsmith Jones leading slightly over Dipper Coopman....Con 5-7 points behind them...If Con gains through the smearblitz period (i.e. the first two weeks of Sept. after Duffy trial goes on hiatus again) theGreen swing vote could really matter here as well as they are in high teens.

This is going to get really, really interesting.

And for Dip-leaning readers living in Granville who wish that they, like me, could vote for Don Davies...Nevermind all that...DD is a lock...Talk to your Green-leaning friends and influential uncles!

Doug Ward has more on this up at the Tyee...



Anonymous said...

SH @ Rossk

Like all things that are easy to swallow, a Green vote could give one a nasty hangover Oct. 20.

RossK said...