Monday, August 03, 2015

Underdog Victorious...Schoolteacher Successfully Buys Off Presidential Candidate.


Is it real or is it eye-watering Memorex?

BURLINGTON, VT—After accepting a check sent to his campaign office by a local elementary school teacher, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was roundly criticized Monday as being firmly in the pocket of the high-rolling educator who had donated $300. “He might have the reputation of being the people’s candidate, but when your candidacy is effectively bankrolled by the multi-hundred-dollar donation of a fourth-grade teacher, it’s clear who’s really pulling the strings,” said political analyst Peter Mathews, who noted that when a check arrives with a handwritten note that says “Behind you 100 percent, Bernie!” it comes with certain expectations....


Meanwhile, in Canuckistan some folks have apparently already bought all they need.

And then some.

Mychaylo Prystupa has that story in the National Observer:

The Harper government chose the Friday afternoon of a long weekend, just before the Sunday launch of a federal election, to appoint a paid Kinder Morgan consultant to the National Energy Board (NEB) in a timed press release that critics say was an attempt to bury the news.

Conservative Minister of Natural Resources Greg Rickford issued a Friday 12:30pm EST news release announcing that Calgary-based petroleum executive Steven Kelly will become a full-time board member of the federal agency that helps cabinet decide if oil and gas pipelines go forward.

Mr. Kelly's consulting firm was hired by Kinder Morgan two years ago to prepare an economic analysis justifying the $5.4-billion Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. Mr. Kelly himself, in his capacity of vice president of IHS Global Canada, authored and submitted the 203-page Kinder Morgan report to the National Energy Board...

Underdog Victorious?....It's a tune of pure joy by she who sang about having kissed a girl first, Jill Sobule.
And remember...If you know young whippersnappers that are concerned about us allowing fine folks like former Bush Ranger Bobby Kinder to do what ever they want in the Great White North without proper oversight and regulation....Well, there is only one real solution to that...You must convince them they have to VOTE!


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