Saturday, June 17, 2017

Monday, Monday....


We were a much younger family when we lived in the East Bay.

In a tiny little white house on a cul-de-sac in the Berkeley flats.

Our friends and neighbours the Q's lived just up the street.

And all of the kids from that time are grown up now.


Bigger E no longer pitches to me.

And even littler e., who was actually born after we moved north, graduates from high school next week.


M. of the Q's is here this weekend.

With his new partner and his new little one.

This morning, Saturday, we were having a hard time explaining how much time and effort would be involved in a trip to Capilano canyon.

And then it just popped into my head...

'It's like driving to the Marin Headlands', I said.

M. got it immediately - the bridges, the traffic, everything.

Might be good thing to try after the weekend, on Monday, we decided.



Anonymous said...

Lynn Canyon is more better good.

Either way: enjoy.

sd said...

I'm playing catch with my 35year old "baby" tomorrow.He is now DR."D" M.D. The girls and grand kids will be out too.Hockey and dance for them, baseball for me.Maybe play some Harry Chapin tomorrow.Have a good one Ross!

RossK said...


Lynn for sure. Thanks.



Catch 'em all!

And, and this is really weird/bizarre...Just worked out the Chapin tonight, in E#...It's been on my mind for awhile...