Thursday, June 08, 2017

This Doomed Day In Clarkland...After The Boys Of Hochstein Are Gone.


My, my, my...

Look what those fine folks at the ICBA are up to now:


Does this mean that the group's newly minted spokesthingy is going to call for a referendum in support of a massive waste of the citizenry's money?

Because throwing massive, treasure-filled concrete blocks into the water after (alleged) sunk costs is a good thing.


Update: Now we see where their chance to grandstand a referendum will come from....PropRep!



Anonymous said...

Don't the Canadian Taxpayers Federation pretend to be against government waste?

Crankypants said...

In 2014 Mr. Bateman, while with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, questioned whether the estimate for the cost of the site c dam was correctly calculated by BC Hydro and the provincial government.

In 2016 he chastised BC Hydro for refusing to disclose the competing bids for a $1.75 billion contract awarded to one consortium.

Now that he has joined up with the ICBA he is going to stump for the continuation of the project. Seems to me he should change his name to Mr. Flipflop.

Anonymous said...

ICBA = Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of British Columbia
25 minutes of kraptastik goodness
worth a listen as to how the BC Liberals will be framing the debate

I don't think they'll be ask for a referendum as they'd have to face the facts.

RossK said...



Re: the fact facing, I mean.


Chuckstraight said...

Will CLAC be attending ?

e.a.f. said...

of course young Bateman is against government waste when it doesn't benefit his friends and associates and the friends and associates of team B.C. lIeberal. On the other hand how can we say $9 billion and rising is waste. that is the benefits due the friends and associates of the B.C. Lieberals. Waste is when the money is spent on health care, seniors, children, those who are of no value to the B.C. Lieberals and their friends and financial supporters.

Note to Christy, Bateboy, et al:

We've all had a good time playing with your toys, you know the bridges, highways, jets, helicopters, touring, etc. As good little boys and girls the time to play is over. You've reached adult hood after 16 years on the play ground and you haven't matured. You still want all the toys to yourself.

it is now time to turn the play ground over to the adults in the province. the "play ground" needs repair. The juvenile spending spree must end. No more toys, no more fun photo ops. No more waving, no more gift bags for friends at parties. Mom and Dad need to have a look at the family books. Mom and Dad have decided the others need to be tended to. Now I know its hard for all of you little boys and girls to accept this, but the time for adults is now upon you and you need to go to your room.

You see while Christy spent $63M on her friends who she appointed to positions so they could also party others received nothing. Although that dam would have looked so cute with the title, Christy's Dam or Dam Christy it is not to be. You see it is going to cost a min. of $9B and some think the overage could be another 80%. You need to stop playing with the family's money. You see in Nanaimo the hospital runs at base line. that means there is so little money for health care the staff are run off of their feet and are having a difficult time of it.

Because Christy and her friends were playing with their toys i.e. dams, bridges, etc. the Vancouver Health Authority cut all community care for those leaving the hospital. Yes, its true Christy. You got your toys and the people leaving the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital are on their own regardless of how disabled they are, regardless of how little money they have, regardless of anything, the government, you Christy, cut all care workers for those leaving the hospital except for Veterans. So Christy please leave the room and let the adults take over.

The dam needs to stop even if the province were to loose $600M. Its better than loosing over $9B. the province needs the money for health care. at one time if you left hospital and you required assistance in the home, care givers were sent for a few hours each day to ensure people got dressed, ate, took their meds. Now VIHA has said there is no more funding. No money, so its either stay in hospital, go to a newly built private care home or die. Oh, right the hospital social workers hand out a sheet with the names of for profit corporations which provide in home care. But you do have to pay for it yourself. No dams, no 10 lane bridges to nowhere. We need health care. Now of course it might be Christy doesn't care, we still having had 8 dead children in care and a third person died at Abbotsford hospital, from "death by hospital", you know Christy, the broken neck and some Tylenol and told to go home. Ya that is the time you leave the play ground and go home and let the adults take over. Now I know the adults are a couple of boys, but let me assure you, if we took the boys out of the equation, the women left in the NDP and Greens are adults and they have finished their educations, the did community work, the finished projects. they know what the province really needs. Christy leave town and go home and take Bateboy with you,

if any one is worried about the people working on the dams provide them with re training as R.N.s, LPNs, health care aids because hospitals all over the province are very short staffed. Oh, right B.C. is short a thousand nurses......

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mr. Flip flop is appropriate. The process is flawed, the BCUC hearing is required, and a forensic audit of BC Hydro, and perhaps a review by Earnest and Young accountants, of the entire bidding and contractual process being used. Muskrat falls power project has become a poster child for what not to do, I am thinking site C may be headed for the same cost over run scenario.
This project must be stopped and evaluated in light of the political rhetoric and questionable governance that initiated the project.