Friday, June 23, 2017

The Last Days Of Clarkland: Everything In My Throne Speech Is Dangerous...

...Now Give Me Money!

The following is a fundraising letter recently received by public education advocate Jenn Stewart:

Hypocrisy, thy name is Christy.

(some call it Hypochristy)

What's it really all about this time Alfie?...I have a theory...More on that soon (i.e. sometime this weekend after littler e's graduation events are all done).
Bob Mackin goes a little deeper on the fundraising thing...Here.
Uncle Bob also notes that, in addition to an Oil Refinery Lobbyist, Ms. Clark also had her longtime FedLib rainmaker in the ledge with her yesterday...Imagine that!



e.a.f. said...

littler E is graduating this weekend! Well done there kid! Congrats! and congrats to the parental units. omg you'll become empty nesters. Oh, wait there is the labadoodle and of course the wonderful e & e will come home to visit.

Congrats! Have a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

Captured.? Press Gallery members staying silent.?

Anonymous said...

if BC paid back money transferred from crown corps would it be 2 billion plus?

Ed Seedhouse said...

I think there is growing evidence that a constitutional coup is being planned. I hope I am wrong, but there's so much smoke...

Lulymay said...

My suggestion is that if Clark and her grifter pals want to stay in power - along with all her financial backers that profit by said power - perhaps the BC Liberal Party could donate the re-election pot of $$$$ they're still harbouring to the underwhelmed taxpayers of BC in order to implement her latest gradiose scheme????

RossK said...

Thanks eaf!



Of course not...Which is why Horgan is being straight when he says there will have to be tax increases.



I'm starting to have concerns myself...Remember, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you...Or some such thing.



A most exccellent suggestion!


Anonymous said...

Why in the heck would the liberals be asking for donations incase there's another election ? Their war chest is already big enough to run the next three elections.

Crankypants said...

I still can't get past the fact that Gerard Guichon Ranch Ltd(Judith Guichon-principal officer) donated $650 in 2005 and $700 in 2009 to the BC Liberal Party. This is more than just showing one's support with a vote and could be seen as a conflict of interest for someone holding an appointment that is supposed to be above the political fray. She is also coming up to her 5-year mark as the Lieutenant Governor which may be of importance in any decision she makes.

Anonymous said...

Stupidity reigns! However, the BC Lib back room types are now concerned about the Christy flip flop. Not to mention the conservative wing of the party. Seems the Neo, in the neo liberal context may mean something like, we can swing left or right or which ever way the electorate wants, but we wanna stay in power. Hmm me thinks, the party has lost control of its fringe types, and is beginning to realize the fallacy or perhaps comedic mess, the speech writers and the Preems office cooked up. Ridiculous, self serving and lacking integrity completely, The Preems time is up, time for a leadership would be a good time!

Anonymous said...

SH @anon 10:05

The shape-shifters deserve to be lumbered with their well-nourished power-puppet…and... she will rise again to feed off their political corpses.

Times Colonist: "Clark's family played a powerful role in shaping her approach to life and politics. Political debate was a mainstay around the dinner table.

"The only way for me to survive and succeed was to fiercely fight for what I believed." said Clark, the youngest of four children. "I learned that at a very, very young age. If you didn't cover your plate … somebody would eat your food."

Clark would apply those lessons during her time in student government at Simon Fraser University, which she said was "the nastiest politics I've ever been involved in."

She corralled a cohort of right-of-centre students to "break the stranglehold" the left had on the school's student society. Clark won by a razor-thin six votes, but was later disqualified after forgetting to pay a small fine because she failed to remove campaign material.

Andy Tomec, who covered Clark's run at student politics for the campus newspaper, remembers her as a consummate politician.

'I think she got up in the morning thinking about politics, and I bet she went to bed thinking about it as well," Tomec said.

"I don't know if she has an off button.'…

"..."Things that tend to exhaust the rest of us energize her," said Plasteras, former program director at CKNW…"

Anonymous said...