Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mr. Ward Finds His Way Home.


Brook Ward who tends to babble like one in the free-formed format that is sports talk radio is a different guy when he's calling a ballgame.

And calling a game is something he did with great regularity back in the days of triple A baseball in Vancouver.

That all ended when the team moved to Sacramento in 2006.

But tonight I got tired of the MoCo and flicked on up the dial to find Mr. Ward calling the opening game at Nat Bailey this evening.

If Moe Drabowsky was still here Mr. Ward's left shoe would be on fire by now and their would be goldfish in his soft drink.

You think I'm joking?

Fun little back 'n forth on the Twittmachine about the greatness that was Mr. Drabowsky...Here.



davemj said...

Great article, Great guy,

RossK said...

Moe was everything baseball should be.


sd said...

I don't really remember Moe as a player but great story.I hear that the stadium Sacramento built for the team is a big hit.I'll have to make a game at the Nat this year.

RossK said...


Sacramento is nice if you like cookie cutter minor league/faux major league parks.

I do not.

The best part about Nat Bailey, as far as I'm concerned at least, are the narrow foul grounds...Helps even out the death of all those deep fly balls that never leave the park.

And, more importantly, the narrow foul g's bring the seats, especially down the lines, close to the action.

The best I've seen for that though is San Jose.


sd said...

I meant the attendance.It was the lack of ad money when the Grizzlies came to(and left)town that doomed the triple a team.It seems my daughter is living out my bucket list.Last year her "job" took her to the all star weekend in San Diego and next month she "has" to go to Boston and will be a guest at a Yankees ,Boston game at Fenway. She brings me hats.

RossK said...

She brings you hats?

She should take you with her!

(at least once).


sd said...

Your Right!