Saturday, June 03, 2017

The Big Pretzel In The Globe And (No Longer Empire) Mail's Logic.


The Globe has some advice for the current premier of British Columbia:

...The NDP and Greens are promising to ban corporate and union donations, cap individual donations – ideally, Quebec’s $100 per person limit should be the model – and review the entire system of electoral finance. It’s about time.

If Ms. Clark is wise, she will embrace campaign finance reform in her throne speech. Get ahead of public opinion, or, in this case, just catch up with it...

Weirdly, however, that very advice came immediately after the following paragraph:

...Ms. Clark and her party should have followed the lead of the federal government and other provinces, and banned union and corporate donations, while capping the maximum individual donation. They did not because, however bad it looked and however cynical it made voters, it allowed the party to be so much better funded than its rivals. For example, the B.C. Liberals raised nearly $1-million in the three days after the May 9 election. Several donors wrote cheques for $25,000 or more – amounts way too large to be legal federally or in many provinces...


Do you see what the finest of the fine fine folks at the Globe and Mail washed away there?


Of course, it won't be long before the Ledgie Boys and the Inspector start blaming the new and improved, not to mention massive, Crony Party Party war chest on John Horgan and Andrew Weaver.

As for Ron Obvious?


We await his 'source-driven' whacking of the coalition's true colours and/or motives with bated breath.

Or some such thing.




davemj said...

Why don't these vermin media crawl back down their rat holes take the low of the low vermin feeders {souless liberal}, politicians and the money bagmen with them and return the province to the screwed hard working taxpayers.Good luck to Horgan & Weaver and the bloggers that bring all this corruption to the forefront let,s fight the dirty propaganda that,s coming.Hope the new Govt bring up the scandals & investigate the same.

Anonymous said...

Bring on the corruption inquiry! This former group of politicos needs to be investigated for their past political dealings. Clarks somewhat dubious career is finished, add Coleman, and a few others and you have quite a show for the required hearings. Jail? If wrong doing discovered bet, send the message...they are not above the law.

Anonymous said...

anybody remember the sad story about the real estate and the Agi deal in Abbotsford R.C.M.P investigation John Les & his old real estate co but he got a nice gig from Crooked Chrusty,I think the A.G and R.C.M.Pshould have been investigated after that cock up

North Van's Grumps said...

John Les' daughter married to ... Chilliwack Cattle Company animal abusers

John Les Chairman of the Milk Board

John Les Chairman of the SPCA

Anonymous said...

S.P.C.A GEEZE? WHAT A LOW LIFE.Lock her er them up.He cant even treat humans right.

RossK said...

Does anybody remember the good Mr. Les' Rosebud....errr...Rosebank?

Darn tootin'.