Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Last Days Of Clarkland...What Has The Dean Been Smoking?


Don't worry.

By tomorrow, Saturday at the latest, the buzz will wear off and the good Mr. Palmer will write the next in a never ending series of punch-pulling, hedge-betting columns.


Oil Co. Lobbyist Uber Alles!

Update: Looks like the Dean has moved on to the harder stuff...



North Van's Grumps said...

Don't you think that the most suited MLA to fill the Speaker, or Lieutenant Governor seats, would be his royal Throness

Anonymous said...


The BC Liberals have told us who they think we are. I feel deeply disrespected by them. Do they snicker at us, for having taken it for 16 years?

Like an errant spouse, they think their betrayal can be forgotten by pretending to hear us by proffering new exciting 'positions', and gifts.

Their cherry on the cake boy: Norm Letnick was on CBC (Kamloops) with Alya Ramadan this afternoon. No audio available yet…

I can't do it justice…he made Kellyanne Conway's pivot-tricks, look rigidly linear….

Scotty on Denman said...

If The BC Liberals are snickering at us now, it's for different reasons than they have been snickering at us all along. I suggest it's to inject some levity for their own sakes during what otherwise is the beginning of the end for their corrupt regime. In contrast, they snickered (in private they probably roared with laughter at our stupidity) before the current situation because they were getting away with it. Now they're probably not going to.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely a corruption inquiry as soon as possible. Slice em, dice em and fry them, jail those involved an go after them and their ill gotten gains with beefed up proceeds of crime legislation. Remove the malfeasance from this province, whatever the cost, leave no stone unturned. This despicable government, its bag men, con artists, and manipulators, should be dealt with as harshly as possible. Make this former BC Liberal governance, the "poster child" for corruption in this country, and how it has to be dealt with once revealed.

North Van's Grumps said...


The link to THE HARDER STUFF broken ?????

John's Aghast said...

Watch out Quebec. You're about to see a run for your title of Uber Corrupt Province.

Anonymous said...


Letnick-Ramadan interview not up yet…

Thanks to B Walter for posting this little turdlette, regurgitated by 10-Gallon-Half-Empty-Norm*:

B Walter‏ @Lillooet Retweeted The Georgia Straight

— #bcpoli Understand from @NormLetnick on #CBCradio that #Greens and #NDP will look after their own interests. Unlike #BCLiberals of course.


Scotty on Denman said...

Anon: I'm sure the BCLs have covered their tracks and, unless corruption has been flagrant, an antiseptic roundup would be counterproductive. Remember: We're somewhat historically inured to corruption ever since BC became a strategic goal for which the distant country of Canada would pay almost any inducement (including, right off, ignoring the Royal Proclamation in BC, arguably the most applicable place in Canada, and huge, colonial charter-like land grants to rail and coal companies), and overlook many inhumanities.

What we call corruption in the BC Liberals is at least more profound. Gaming the system and pushing the legalistic envelope---extended by passing particular, self-serving laws ulterior to the public good, challenges ethics but definitely offends moral precepts. Their problem (for BC) is they think it's okay to get away with whatever they can, and the seminal genius of their founder applied it with minute pervasiveness and a perfunctory antipathy to public enterprise. It's worm-in-plural, globally ideological, essentially systemic and systematic like a viral infection. It glorifies profit like a capitalist, but inappropriately applies it to public administration.

Their problem is the same as anybody's attempt at canonization: in this case its an attempt to make neo-right ideals supremely catholic and final, like the law of the Bible or Q'ran---or the abridged version of Wealth of Nations, for that matter---then accepting myriads of contusions trying to make reality conform to the artifice, most so ordinarily tiny the loyal executor, whether a ministerial cadre or contract janitorial server, performs them with seeming immunity from their cumulative negative effect on the whole, which rationalizes the ultimate futility, inevitably tantamount to drilling holes in a sinking ship to let water out.

Such is the BC Liberal government, with tragic irony. They have to lie and cheat to disguise their war on public administration and enterprise they think unfairly competes with the private profiting of their cronies, and to permanently sabotage the potential for citizens to collectively provide basic services for everyone's benefit and enjoy the economies of scale; the BC Liberals have sought to sanctify a burger-elite class and guarantee them a piece of the action forever by eliminating any democratic option to reverse it. But, the impracticality of this monumental presumptuousness has generated numerous metastatic socio-economic cancers and led these misguided souls to unabashedly, in the climax, adopt their politic rivals' platforms whole-hog, a de facto admission of a gigantic neo-right flop and egregious assault on the citizens and environment of BC.

By eliminating arm's-length institutions designed to check lying and cheating, they allowed themselves enough lying and cheating to destroy themselves, unfortunately doing much damage to the public weal along the way. We need to start by reinvigorating these ethical watchdogs right away, to at least stop the bleeding way before embarking on any individual prosecutions, many of which wouldn't be worth the effort. But, if individual perfidy can be solidly proved, so be it!

Anonymous said...


CBC's Radio West has posted yesterday afternoon's on air manure spreading by Agriculture Minister Norman:


Anonymous said...

Where does the Liberal donating Lieutenant Governor fit into this?
Is she going to call another election in hopes of favouring Christy Clark?