Friday, June 23, 2017

The Last Doomed Days Of Clarkland...The Polak Consistency.


Apparently, the co-optation of all things Leap Manifesto, Marxism (of the non-Groucho kind), the CCF, and the GreenDP Coalition by the Salad Of The Word party is entirely consistent with everything it has ever done.

How do we know this is true?

Because Marvelous Mary Polak says it is so:


The thread, with Ms. Polak's Twittmachine intern fighting back with both hands tied behind his or her back is hilarious. 



Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out the Twits thread - what a hilarious way to start the day.

How do the BC Liberals still claim to be balancing the budget when we're BILLIONS in the hole worse than where we started?

Anonymous said...

Fire these clowns now...then prosecute.If stupidity and idiocy were crimes, the bc Libs would be doing a life sentence.
Let's get the corruption inquiry started...

North Van's Grumps said...

"Mary Polak: Nonsense! The vast majority of my meetings are with people who have never given me a cent"

Hmmm, the hard currency of the one cent is no longer used as pocket change here in Canada.

Has Polak declared the multiple $10,000 donations that were doled out to her from Teck's horde of 1,000,000 coppers?

Lew said...

Her tweet statement is actually the complete truth. On the issues she lists, the BC Liberals did listen and respond. To their major donors; who seldom, if ever, have the public interest top of mind.

davemj said...

Mary peddle your garbage elsewhere please get you old job back at Molly Maid take Clark ,Colman,De Jong beady eyed sneering Weaver with you! Geesus help us if he gets to be leader Weaver and his advertising Postmedia pals and the not reporters from the Ledge What has become of B.C. we are an embarrassment to the free world that includes some of our judges and law enforcement agencies.We have to start bringing up the scandals of the past from B.C.R all the Govt giveaways ferries,land,we use to be a compassionate society now its crapping on our own while the policos and big business sell out to Forign investors follow the money honey

Lulymay said...

Mary Polak is for Mary Polak only, as are pretty well all the BC Libs. Why doesn't she tell us how much it cost the taxpayers of Surrey in her and that other Stillwell idiot's efforts to remove a few books from the school libraries in Surrey. I don't think she has considered, nor has she ever understand other folks' opinions in her whole small world life.

J macDuff said...

Up is down, down is up, Welcome to 1984

Scotty on Denman said...

Oh, Jesus, Mary!