Friday, June 16, 2017

TDDIC...One More Big Money Donor Sees A Full Return On Investment.


What's it all about this time Alfie?


As is so often the case with Crony Party parties, the song remains the same.

The following is from Nancy Macdonald's Maclean's piece published a few months ago:

 ...British Columbians’ faith in democracy is being undermined by the vast sums flooding the system, and there’s a growing concern that their government is essentially being bought and paid for by a wealthy clique...


...Critics similarly point to contributions by large companies like Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service ($115,000 donated to the Liberal party since 2005), Emil Anderson Construction ($50,000), Kinder Morgan and its industry supporters ($719,000) and Imperial Metals and its subsidiaries ($195,000). Those same companies have, respectively, received a 20-year government laundry contract, a $36-million six-lane highway expansion contract, Clark’s approval for a controversial pipeline and a permit to open a new mine. In the case of the mine approval, it came one year after Imperial Metal’s controlling shareholder, N. Murray Edwards, hosted a $1-million fundraiser for Clark in Calgary...


The people on both sides of these transactions really are shameless.

But why wouldn't they be given that they are covered by a local proMedia that refuses to really and truly connect the dots.

And that includes Mr. Obvious of Chichester....errrrr....the no longer empire Mail.

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Anonymous said...

dirty laundry?

Chuckstraight said...

I don`t hear any cry`s from the BC Liberals like they do Site C workers being laid off.

Crankypants said...

All that seems to be missing are brown paper bags loaded with Canadian currency for a business to flourish in Bring Cash, Canada. Maybe there is more to be discovered on this front as well.

Jeff Barkley said...

More decent paying jobs outsourced to low wage workers. Once again bringing the overall quality of life in BC lower. I guess all those patients can make do with a bit more mold, a few more infections...after all, we're saving...nothing, it's new profit for a private laundry firm, who, just by chance, donated to the BC Liberals. I was watching Trump for comic relief, but this is just as bad.
Thanks for another thought provoking post, Ross, I appreciate it!

Gord Okell said...

Kelowna of all places Christy selling out her own riding the
infected or affected patients may
well have voted BC Liberal Jeez she
has no conscience at all

Anonymous said...

It is a TWENTY year deal.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how many laid off workers bothered to vote and for who?

Anonymous said...

mooo... milk it til the last minute .whats that- June 22 ?.Get every penny til they change poli donation law to BC.delay defer deny democracy til every last dollar comes in and we also get paid til our job titles go.?
Cant we just wait til fall sitting then canel said fall sitting?

Anonymous said...

Shade of K-Bro from the old days of Gordon Campbell truck loads of laundry driven to Alberta to be washed and dried that only came back unwashed and filthy does anyone remember the incredible infection rates that abounded through out all of the hospitals in those days? working at it first hand it was a nightmare should have been declared a provincial emergency on how dirty our hospitals were . as for the lost jobs at Kelowna General, it's mostly women and the BC Libs don't care about that group of tax payers we only hear about job loss if it affects men or TFW's or site c or the up coming Massey tunnel

Anonymous said...

Cancel Site C save 9B-2B already spent so 7B.

Cancel Massey tunnel and build tunnel twin save 4B-1B for tunnel so 3B.

Restart Burrard Thermal

Fund geothermal near Princeton.

Rework Columbia River Treaty

Anonymous said...

privatize profit
socialize debt
4 more years of BCL and BCHydro wont be left.?