Wednesday, June 07, 2017

This Doomed Day In Clarkland....The Comeuppance.


We noted yesterday that our fine premier's letter about Site C contained the usual codswallop.

Mr. Weaver, he of the coalition, has since called Ms. Clark on it:

Of course, as you might have predicted, all of this means that the prop-offensive has been shifted into high gear by the wizards of Clarklandia.

Weirdly (and/or tellingly), they've been forced to go to the bottom of the Lotuslandian proMedia cut-out barrel this time around.

More on that later....



Anonymous said...

Hey Ross, pop over to Norm Farrell's interesting 4 page letter by an engineer. May be a serious legal issue involved with site C, contractural liability, and the legality or legitimacy of such a project, that has not been through regulatory of legislative scrutiny.

RossK said...

Thanks Anon-Above--

Most interesting.

As Norm suggested on his Twittmachine feed, perhaps the 'real' binding contracts are those promises to the big money donor-cronies.


davemj said...

Geeze Brain DEAD ITCH and supporters just don't get it through hollow heads Oh what a tragic web we weave when first we practise to deceive

Crankypants said...

It was an interesting day today in BC politics.

First Andrew Weaver crashes BC Hydro's presser and seems to have stolen the limelight.

Jessica McDonald shows she is a good BC Liberal soldier in spouting the party bs then pulls a Christy by refusing to engage with the media.

Then our soon to be deposed Premier comes out and states that the Legislature will reopen for business on June 22. I remember that after the final results were announced by Elections BC she held a short presser whereby she stated that The Legislature would be recalled by the end of June then couched that estimate with a possibility of the first half of the month. When one combines her timelines with her letter to Weaver and Horgan regarding BC Hydro one can only conclude that there must be some unfinished payoffs to the party's donors to be finalized.