Monday, April 03, 2006

The Albatross


Our whole family went to the Emerson march yesterday here on the wrong side of the tracks in Lotusland.

And we had fun walking up the street that Mr. Emerson knows nothing about - Kingsway.

There were lots of people. The Province and the (notso)Giant'98 said there were hundreds. Me, I would have put the total in the low four figures.

Regardless, it was fun.

It was also goofy (DE in dunce-cap; DE stealing our votes; crazy get-ups, impassioned speeches - some rambling, some to the point; and a few corny songs).

And it was all decidely low tech and low budget.

But best of all, it showed that the 'Emerson Problem' is not going away, not because of media or money, but because people care.

And that's what really counts.


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