Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Is It Time For Canada To....

.....Crank Up the Centrifuges?

Proliferations'R Us

Here's an interesting little tidbit from Sy Hersh's 'Let's Nuke Iran' piece that Mr. Bush is calling 'wild speculation', but not denying:

The rationale for regime change was articulated in early March by Patrick Clawson, an Iran expert who is the deputy director for research at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and who has been a supporter of President Bush.......


.....Clawson said that he would prefer to rely on sabotage and other clandestine activities (to deal with Iran), such as “industrial accidents.” But, he said, it would be prudent to prepare for a wider war, “given the way the Iranians are acting. This is not like planning to invade Quebec.”

So, to use a little Rumskullian logic on that last sentence....How do they know that planning to invade Iraq is not like planning to invade Quebec unless they have already, previously in the past, made plans to invade Quebec (presumably to augment the state of Vermont's late winter supplies of Maple Syrup to turn Vermontonian's against the evil regime of former governor and noted public health care lover Howard Dean)?

But, more seriously, all of this crap makes one wonder if it is causing even relatively sane and stable regimes like, say, I dunno, Venezuala to start thinking that the only way they can truly protect themselves from imminent invasion and/or bunker-busting bombing with or without 'industrial accidents' (on the scale of, maybe, Bopal or something?) is to start making and/or acquiring nukes of their own.

Which, I suppose, could lead to the emergence of a whole new set of big money global markets for war profiteering jackal corporations run by Goldtriggerfingeresque Madmen.

Sheesh. That irony sure can be a hard, not to mention lucrative, mistress.

She sure can.

Update: Cathie has the Best of the Bloggodome's take on the lunacy.

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