Monday, April 03, 2006

Is His Spidey Sense Tingling?


Edited Ledge-Raid Warrant released, and......

Despite previous reports to the contrary, Spiderman is definitely in play:

....The newly-released documents show police believed former top government aide David Basi was selling influence to a Victoria lobbyist – Erik Bornman of Pilothouse Public Affairs. It lists $24,000 in payments made to Basi by Bornman – who has not been charged, and is expected to testify for the Crown against Basi.

Police allege Basi referred clients to Bornman, and also passed information and documents to the lobbyist. The money was allegedly passed to Basi through his cousin Aneal – also a government employee – who would received cheques from Bornman for "contract writing services."

More to come......


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