Saturday, April 15, 2006

Watch What They Do....

.....Not What They Say




Sure thing.

And Mr. Emerson would be, what, exactly?

And as for all that 'we love whistleblowers' malarkey, well, get a load of this:

Susan Delacourt Toronto Star; Apr 14/06
OTTAWA—The new, heavy communications hand of Conservative Ottawa has reached into the realm of fiction, with an Environment Canada scientist muzzled from speaking about his novel on climate change.

Mark Tushingham's new book is called
Hotter than Hell, but yesterday he was plunged into the icy reality of the new Conservative communications regime, where ministers, MPs and the media are encountering strict new controls over the flow of information to the public.

Shortly before Tushingham was due to give a luncheon speech in Ottawa about his novel — a futuristic account of Canada and the U.S. at war over water resources in a globally warmed world — he received an email from the environment minister's office, warning him not to attend the event.

All of which came hot on the heels of the latest revelation about Little Stephen and His Miracles real intentions regarding global warning:

The new Conservative government has decided to slash spending on Environment Canada programs designed to fight global warming by 80 per cent, and wants cuts of 40 per cent in the budgets devoted to climate change at other ministries, according to cabinet documents obtained by The Globe and Mail.

Of course, Mr. Stephen Harper denied it (but not really) with weasel words while his (anti)Environment minister, Rona 'Don't Call Me Susan' Ambrose, simultaneously ran around telling every hack that would listen that Canada's commitment to the Kyoto accord must be battered and shrunken until it can be taken into the bathtub and drowned.


It all sounds so familiar, in a Four Horsmen of The Apocalypse (ie.Rove/Atwater/Ailes/Norquist) sort of way.

So enough with the codswallop about how the sky isn't falling just because we are now being ruled by neo-Straussians who are determined to turn all that progressive Canuckistan holds dear into South Dakota.

And besides, how will we even know if the sky is falling if we are choking and blinded by greenhouse gases while the unimpeded UV rays turn our skin to jelly and force us to crank up the airconditioning in January.

Update: Many thanks to reader ArC for the link to the FourHorsemen muzzle and to LarasDad for letting us know that Mr. Harper's muzzles are now everywhere (ie. even the military), which has us long before somebody like Rick Hillier is forced to pull a Colin Powell in an effort to get us to go along with a questionable, pre-emptive invasion of some other middle eastern country whose name also starts with an 'I'?


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